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autismDaily update ⋅ June 9, 2016
MedscapeFolic Acid Linked to Less Autism in Kids of Women With EpilepsyMedscapePrevious research showed that exposure in utero to AEDs increases the risk for autism spectrum disorder in offspring, said Dr Bjørk. In 2014, another …Flag as irrelevant 
kfor.comDead Center Film Selection Made by Students from AutismOklahomakfor.comBut this collection of film makers is made unique because the majority, including Sarah Lauffenburger and john Ross, exist somewhere on the Autism …Flag as irrelevant 
Science MagazineAutism may stem—in part—from a disordered sense of touchScience MagazineSociability may be skin deep. The social impairments and high anxiety seen in people with autism or related disorders may be partly due to a …Flag as irrelevant 
Women’s Health (registration) (blog)7 Things That Absolutely DON’T Cause AutismWomen’s Health (registration) (blog)Over the last few years, we’ve been inundated with scary stories from celebs, mommy bloggers, and even our next-door neighbors about how …Flag as irrelevant 
MashableExperience in VR the sensory overload a boy with autism feels every dayMashableNow everyone can feel what this is like with the National Autistic Society’s virtual reality experience. It’s a remake of their video about a boy with autism …Flag as irrelevant 
STATAutism may affect not just brain but sensory nervesSTATA study in mice finds that autism has effects not just on the brain but also on the nerves in the skin that respond to touch. And this heightened sensitivity …Autism is NOT just a disease of the brain: Sensitivity to touch, anxiety and difficulty socialising ‘may  – Daily MailAutism’s social problems may stem from sense of touch – SpectrumMouse study suggests autism is not just a disease of the brain – Medical XpressFull Coverage Flag as irrelevant 

*FACT: Autism is not a disease, it’s a neurodevelopmental difference and disability.
13abc Action NewsLocal runner doesn’t slow down for Autism13abc Action NewsFREMONT (13abc Action News) – A local man with autism is starting off the Camelback 10k race this Saturday in Fremont, but he isn’t stopping at the …Flag as irrelevant 
KTULAutism film Vaxxed now playing in TulsaKTULFront and center in the film is the man who’s become forever linked with the autismcontroversy, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. “It’s not an anti-vaccine film, …Flag as irrelevant 
WTVD-TVAutism doesn’t stop Sanderson student from excellenceWTVD-TV“Good grades, I could ask help from, like students and teachers, but my autism, that was probably the most difficult for me,” said Connor. “It was very …Flag as irrelevant 
WDAZMore autism training to prevent tragedyWDAZSince Anthony Kuznia, a boy living with autism, wandered off and drowned a few years ago, the issue is being brought to the forefront once again.Flag as irrelevant 
Teaching students with autism: What makes the little things rewardingAutism SpeaksThis guest post is by Amy Fichter who is an autism training and consultation provider with the Chester County Intermediate Unit in Pennsylvania.Flag as irrelevant 
Sense Of Touch Linked To AutismMSN.comIn recent studies, mice who carried a form of the autism gene were shown to react differently to touch than normal mice. This research suggests skin …Flag as irrelevant 
Saturday is Stephanie’s Day – Resource Fair for Families Affected by Autismand Other Special MSN.comLisa Sigell introduces the Snap Hockey team that will be on the CBS Radford lot in Studio City.Flag as irrelevant 
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