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Autism and the real-life story of Charlie ThreattAutism Support NetworkCharlie Threatt was born on April 8 1995. He grew up and spent most of his life in Kansas City, Missouri. He was a child born with an autism syndrome See all stories on this topic » 
Teen with autism hospitalized, mother arrested on attempted murder Mlive KalamazooKALAMAZOO, MI – A teenager recently dismissed from an intensive autism treatment program in Kalamazoo County remains unconscious in a Grand Rapids See all stories on this topic » 
How This Autism Mom Stays MarriedHuffington PostI am often asked by young autism parents, “I hear the divorce rate is high for  Yes, having a child with autism adds stress, in our case a *lot* of stress, but there See all stories on this topic » 
Series on autism offered at ChesapeakeMy Eastern ShoreWYE MILLS — In response to the growing prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in recent years, Chesapeake College’s Division of Continuing Education See all stories on this topic » 
10 Weirdest Things Linked To AutismForbesI write about autism a lot. Much of what I write has to do with autism-related research, and I keep tabs on what comes down the pipeline every day–because See all stories on this topic » 
New Autism communication study urges actions to speak louder Autism Daily Newscast25 pc of people diagnosed with Autism or an ASD are non-verbal. 25 years ago, that figure stood at over 50 pc. Ongoing research and communication between See all stories on this topic » Autism Daily Newscast
Autism: Film Shows Education Challenges For Young Adults And NPRBest Kept Secret is a film that follows a group of young adults with autism during their last year of high school. Host Michel Martin speaks with filmmaker See all stories on this topic » 
Getting Autistic Kids to Talk with Tom CaffreyAutism Daily NewscastTom Caffrey, M.Ed, BCBA, international trainer and speaker and founder and director of VBN Training, has created a series of video training modules to help See all stories on this topic » Autism Daily Newscast
Ride for Autism to feature cook-off, car/bike show, musicThe Valley Town CrierFast roller skates, vintage muscle cars and custom Harley Davidsons are some of the wheels that will be celebrated at the fourth annual Ride for Autism, slated See all stories on this topic » 
Anorexia and autism similarities, plus iEat with Orla BoylanNew Zealand ListenerAbout one in 100 New Zealanders has some form of autism spectrum disorder. Autism is four times more common in boys than girls, and asperger syndrome – a See all stories on this topic » 
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MMR and Autism Rises from the Dead « Science-Based MedicineSteven NovellaOne of the tactics of snake-oil salesman is to fearmonger about mainstream medical practices so as to scare potential customers into their clutches. A common…Science-Based Medicine
Walk Now For Autism Speaks « Jack Seattle FMlhohnhaus13Did you know autism impacts one in every eighty eight families in our area each year? And this number is growing. Community Health Plan of Washington and Jack Seattle FM
How do you feel about your autism? – General Autism DiscussionI don’t know anyone that has autism around me so I have no one to relate to so I  or psychiatrist to explain to your parents that your autism doesn’t necessarily Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums
Health News – Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum Face Tough Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum Face Tough Prospects for Jobs and Independent Living.Health News from
Autism Parents, There Are Other Parents Who Have  – Autism DaddyAutism-DaddyOk, now with that blog post title you’re probably thinking this is one of those blog posts where someone says “you should count your blessings” or “consider AUTISM DADDY
The Autism Helper Classroom: Room Layout Diagram | The Autism SashaSometimes the whole room layout is hard to envision. Like I say all the time, I am a visual leaner, just like my kiddos. Even with pictures and videos getting the The Autism Helper
Young adults with autism found to have difficulty transitioning into NewsWashington D.C. — A study published in the September 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that young Science Codex – Science news, science articles, all day, every day
AUTISM RESEARCH, POLICY AND PRACTICE | Celtic Nations Cathy MacleanOn 19 September in Cardiff, a new hub will be launched which will focus more on the links between research, policy and practice. Funded by the ESRC and the Celtic Nations Autism Partnership
Inner Aspie: Autism Mom McjudgypantsQuiet ContemplationThis is one of those posts. If you’re a writer you know which kind I mean. Those posts where you begin, and erase, and begin again. You feel the words, but they Inner Aspie
Autism Team – poeTVAndrew Wakefield is back with a new reality show Autism Team.poeTV
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Patterns of Autism by James Alford — KickstarterJames Alford is raising funds for Patterns of Autism on Kickstarter! Patterns of Autism is a photo ebook that contains photos of and stories about individuals…/patterns-of-autism?ref…
Barriers to autism screening adversely impact Latino community | Al Study finds disparities in care for Latino-American children with autism, citing multiple social…/…
Training in Autism Friendly Protocols Help to Improve ER Care A Pennsylvania emergency room doctor and three professors from Indiana University of Pennsylvania have created a training manual and DVD to help ER…/training-autism-friendly-protocols-h…
2013 Walk Now for Autism Speaks: San Angelo – HomeOur Walk Day Logistics information is now available for you to view. View a map of our Walk Route, helpful tips for having a good Walk experience, and…/default.asp?…lis…

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