VIDEOS: Justice For Osime Brown Campaign | Paul Wady

Paul Wady

Justice for Osime Brown Campaign

Published September 5, 2020 | Paul Wady

Autistic Inclusive Meets joined forces with the Justice for Osime Brown campaign at an Extinction Rebellion protest at the treatment of asylum seekers outside the Home Office, Whitehall on the 4th of September 2020.

Janine Booth, Emma Dalmayne, Osime’s family and the Labour MP Nadia Whittome all spoke in support of Osime being allowed to stay in the UK. He faces deportation back to a country be only spent the first four years of his life in Jamaica

Osime was convicted over what Janine Booth eloquently describes as the Joint Enterprise Law, through which you can be convicted of a crime others have committed simply because you associated with them at the time. .( 16: 30 minutes into the film.)

Osime is learning disabled and since he was 16, has been coerced and manipulated into a life of crime that has resulted in his receiving a 5 year prison sentence. One which the Home Office has decided must be completed in a country that may stress him to death. This is because Osime has now got a diagnosed and potentially fatal heart condition which is triggered by anxiety.

Reports from the prison state this his one cell mate is working very hard to support Osime. He needs it. He famously asked his mother what bus she would need to catch, in order to visit him in Jamaica if he went.

There is a petition and campaign to save Osime and the very last frame of this film, shows the page. Please do what you can by signing the petition and taking notice of this campaign. Thank you. – Paul Wady

Take Action

Help support Osime Brown by signing the petition.

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