Snapshot | Google Alerts – autism | Circa June 12, 2013

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State-of-art autism center opens in upstate NY
The Center for Autism and the Developing Brain is now seeing patients and families on the campus of New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Westchester Division. The new center is housed in a historic building on the grounds of the psychiatric facility that 
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Autism: Red tape can tie a family in knots
Denver Post
Steve Brown left the room and came back with a stack of papers too thick to be bound by a normal staple. His wife, Angela, playfully rolled her eyes and begged Steve to put the book away. Nobody wants to read that thing, she teased. But Steve remained 
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Kids on autism spectrum learn to swim
Kansas City Star
TAMMY LJUNGBLAD — TAMMY LJUNGBLAD/Kansas City Star Sensory supported swim instructor Megan Mazurowski worked with Elliott Davis, 5, of Fairway to get him blow bubbles in the swimming pool during a class of sensory supported swim lessons for 
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Disgraced British autism researcher Andrew Wakefield recorded a YouTube 
Daily Mail
A mother stabbed her severely autistic son several times in the chest then nearly severed his hand slashing his wrist after she and the 14-year-old’s godmother became overwhelmed caring for the boy day and night after taking him out of the hospital in 
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Autism: A puzzle with few solutions
Oneida Dispatch
This is the face of frustration. This is the sound of fatigue. This is the mother who has jumped through every hoop, fought every battle, and pushed through every boundary for her son. This is the woman who, after it all, still finds herself without 
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Autism: Community organizations bringing children together
The Evening Sun
Cartoon images of bright yellow sunflowers adorned the walls. A bright red ball rolled across the floor. Artwork spattered in Elmer’s Glue and string hung in the hallway. Jennifer Seletzky-Davidson stepped in, took a sweeping look at the place and let 
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MMR/autism: one step forward, two steps back
The group Treating Autism (TA), with an address in Bow, east London, and the Autism Treatment Trust (ATT), based in Edinburgh, have circulated among ‘advocates and organisations involved in the care of patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder’ a package 
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Autism Center celebrates 10th anniversary |
When Kelle Wood Rich was in high school, she worked at an autism center for community service.“This was the late ’80s,” she recalled.…/nYFpT/

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