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Autistic child arrested for shoplifting
Police this week arrested a boy with autism on shoplifting charges after they say he walked out of a Boynton Beach Mall store with a greeting card in his hand. A Spencer Gifts store employee called police Sunday after stopping the 12-year-old boy 
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Facing autism’s hard questions
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Larry Blumenthal When you have a child with autism, you try not to dwell on a couple of heart-wrenching topics. But there is no place to hide when your child brings them up on his own. My son Clay, who is 16, doesn’t communicate through speech, 
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Initiative encourages autism awareness; 1:88 educate, advocate, elevate
With numbers like that, it is likely you will meet a military family affected by autism at some point in your lifetime. In order to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about the disability, the Autism Society has been celebrating 
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Anderson voices support for autism bills
Glenn Anderson, D-Westland, voiced support for the action the Michigan Senate has taken to pass a package of legislation requiring insurance coverage for autism treatment. The bipartisan legislation will allow Michigan families facing autism to have 
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Organizers plan to raise money for community autism agencies
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
DANVILLE — Tim Welsh, a longtime parent advocate for autism, has seen too many families at the breaking point. It has been his dream to create a safety net for those families — many coping with autism without enough help or money to get it — and now 
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Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
Autism presentation not canceled
Homer News
An announcement that Taylor Crowe’s Homer presentations on autism had been canceled was incorrect. The Homer News regrets the confusion. Crowe will be featured at a general school assembly at West Homer Middle School from 10-10:30 am Wednesday and 
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New autism diagnostic criteria may encourage symptomatic approach to drug use
Financial Times
The fifth edition of the DSM–the “Holy Grail” of diagnosing psychiatric disorders–proposes the umbrella term of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), replacing the current “autistic disorder.” ASD will incorporate current diagnoses of Asperger syndrome, 
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Mother of autistic child speaks at Rotary
Stuttgart Daily Leader
Stephanie Gwin stressed the importance of autism awareness and the early prevention program of autism Tuesday to the members and guests of the Stuttgart Rotary Club. By Bill Shrum Stephanie Gwin, mother of five year-old Noah, who has autism
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Autism Blog – Financials for Andrew Wakefield’s Strategic Autism 
By Sullivan
After leaving Thoughtful House, Andrew Wakefield formed a non-profit called the “Strategic AutismInitiative” (SAI). That was in 2010. The tax forms (form 990) don’t become public right away, so the form for 2010 has been only recently made 
Left Brain/Right Brain
Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Heartless Canada Does It Again 
By Autism Reality NB
An immigrant South Korean family, Sungsoo Kim, wife Sunmi Kim, daughter Lisa and son Taehoon, have been living in Canada for the past 9 years. A permanent residency application has been rejected by Canadian officials because the 12 
Facing Autism in New Brunswick
Autism Express’ departs on April 1 — Staying on track for autism 
By Enterprise staff
Autism Express’ departs on April 1 — Staying on track for autism. The Autism Express, a sunset train ride along the Sacramento River that includes wine, beer, appetizers and live music, will run April 1 as a fundraiser to help those with autism.
Davis Enterprise
Get Your Autism Questions Answered in Brookes Publishing’s Ask 
By eSchool News
Autism experts to take questions via Facebook and Twitter during Autism Awareness Month BALTIMORE, MD – March 14, 2012 – During Autism Awareness Month in.
eSchool News
Study Provides New Avenue For Autism Research | ICare4Autism
By Annie
A study compared the ability of humans and rodents to make decisions based on combining different types of sensory stimuli – visual and auditory cues.

Warning: Autism Speaks is a hate group that has been protested by Autistic people since their inception.

Autism Speaks is not just an organization, they are also the largest private investor in research, have immeasurable influence over healthcare and services that affects Autistic people’s lives, while at the same time excluding Autistics from having representation in legislation about us. This organization has pushed Autistic abuse as therapy and eugenics as the cure.

Only recently has Autism Speaks made a show at inclusion — they co-opted the Autistic civil rights movement symbolism and are now trying to pretend their part of the Autistic civil rights movement — without ever acknowleding, apologizing, making transparent their true history and involvement in the suppression of Autistic voices all these years.

Fact: Autistics have been protesting Autism Speaks since 2005 for our basic civil and human rights.

An Autistic Perspective & History | Battling the Anti-Vaxxer #BleachCult & Other Quack Cures

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years. 

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