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Doctor who did autism research in Austin sues medical journal, writers
Austin American-Statesman
Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Andrew Wakefield wrote a paper in 1998 suggesting a link between an autism-bowel disease and the MMR vaccine. As part of a technology change, commenting will not be available on some articles for a number of months. 
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Austin American-Statesman
Autism spectrum conditions shouldn’t be considered disorders
Baltimore Sun
Your article on autism (“Hidden in plain sight,” 1/1/2012) was clear, interesting, and also insulting to those on the autism spectrum, since it treated these conditions as disorders. I know that, officially, they are disorders, but as someone with a 
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Teens with autism learn job skills
Suffolk News-Herald
Jeremiah has autism, which limits his ability to function in everyday life. He’s a student at River’s Bend Academy, a private school on Godwin Boulevard for students with autism of all ages. Since October, Jeremiah and four of his classmates have been 
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Suffolk News-Herald
Autistic son of slaying victim suing KPD over arrest
Knoxville News Sentinel
By Jamie Satterfield A $1 million lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a slaying victim’s autistic adult son who was hurt when police responding to the fatal shooting wrestled him to the pavement and handcuffed him. Richard C. Vowell, via his sister and 
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Study Shows Importance of Treating Autism in Adults
Psychiatric News
With effective treatments for autism remaining stubbornly elusive, especially for adults with the disorder, a small clinical trial of an SSRI antidepressant offers a glimmer of hope. “There is no approved treatment for core symptoms in autism
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Melatonin found to ease sleep woes in children with autism
Vanderbilt University News
5, 2012 — 4:51 PM Vanderbilt researchers are studying how the supplement melatonin can ease the sleep difficulties that often afflict children with autism spectrum disorders. (iStock) A new Vanderbilt study shows that the over-the-counter supplement 
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Autistic Wyandotte Girl Inspires Others Through Her Compassion, Talent
Trinity Rain Irby uses her talents for writing, art and drama to teach people about autism, and she tries to make a difference in the world in other ways, too. The 11-year-old Wyandotte girl was diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy when she was a 
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Autistic Boy’s Mom Shouldn’t Go to Jail for Breaking School Rules (VIDEO)
The Stir
No wonder the threat of a stint in jail for a mom in Michigan for her autistic son’s frequent tardies is scaring the pants off of me. Andria Black’s story is the kind you hear and say “there but for the grace of God go I.” The school’s counting a 
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Junior high team inspired by player with autism
Deseret News
Price, 15, is autistic and has loved basketball since he was small. His favorite thing about basketball is shooting the ball; his specialty is three-pointers. “Every game is so intense,” says his mother, Teresa Price. “It’s like the Final Four, 
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Deseret News
Cops: Fla. man forced autistic kids to smoke synthetic pot, posted video on 
CBS News
A father was arrested Tuesday for allegedly forcing his two autistic children to smoke synthetic marijuana and then posting a video of it on Facebook. CBS affiliate WKMG reports that officers responding to a domestic battery call involving an elderly 
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Autism: Victoria Harris « Same Difference
By samedifference1
The pair are highlighting the condition as part of a BBC South series into people with high-functioning autism and Asperger syndrome. They said they had learned to deal with each other’s conditions over the years. Mr Dale said: “We work 
Same Difference
Andrew Wakefield Sues BMJ For Discrediting Autism/MMR Study
By Kim LaCapria
If you’re in any way familiar with the controversy surrounding vaccines and autism, you probably know the name Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield is the doctor.
The Inquisitr
Junior high team inspired by player with autism | Washington 
By The Associated Press
Ninth-grader Houlton Price hovers around the 3-point line in the first quarter of the junior varsity game Thursday afternoon at Riverglen Junior High School in Boise. His teammates thunder down the court, with Hillside players in hot pursuit.
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An Autistic Perspective & History | Battling the Anti-Vaxxer #BleachCult & Other Quack Cures

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years. 

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