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The Week Ahead | Run to benefit autism society
Kansas City Star
The Operation Jack Autism Foundation was started by Sam Felsenfeld, who ran 61 marathons in 2010 to raise money and awareness for small charities in need, primarily autism-related. Felsenfeld ran the Olathe marathon that year. His son, Jack, has been 
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University of North Texas project arms autistic students with financial knowledge
Dallas Morning News
The Mary O’Neill Mini-Grant from the association will help pay for script development, filming and post-production costs of a video that will be available for free on the websites of the money management and autism centers. “Money management is a 
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Autism cures promised by DNA testers belied by regulators
Bangor Daily News
April Hauge, a nurse practitioner in Weimar, Calif., spent $500 on a genetic test for her autisticson in 2009 that led to purchasing thousands of dollars in vitamins and supplements. Impressed with the results, she’s now selling advice on the approach 
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Op-ed: Sheriff – Don’t blame tragedy on autism
Fayetteville Observer
Media coverage of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., has drawn disturbing, unjustified and needless connections between autism and the shootings, with some media outlets reporting that the shooter had a form of autism 
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Lees: Edmonton autism centre finds its Santa Klaus
Edmonton Journal
“I was looking for property on which to build Edmonton`s first centre for autism and made a cold call on Klaus when I discovered he had an ideal lot,” says Duncan, executive director of Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton. “Klaus became enthusiastic 
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Police search for missing girl with autism
Police search for missing girl with autism. Images. Published: 9:21 pm. Updated: 9:26 pm. Related Stories: UPDATE: Missing special needs teen sought near Gadsden · UPDATE: Missing Fairfield boy taken by mother has been found · Missing Hackleburg boy 
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Study: Chelation doesn’t help kids with autism
MedCity News
Chelation gained traction as an alternative treatment for autism due to a theory that mercury poisoning might play a role in the developmental disorder. However, evidence hasn’t supported that idea and it’s been essentially discarded in the scientific 
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Mutation “Hotspots” in Autism Genes
The finding suggests that some of the genetic culprits that contribute to autism are mutation “hotspots,” and higher mutation rates in certain parts of the genome contribute to disease risk in humans. “Some disease-related genes are gluttons for 
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Doctor behind discredited vaccine-autism link handed quackery 
By Alok Jha, The Guardian
Andrew Wakefield, the doctor struck off the medical register for his discredited research that claimed to find a link between autism and the MMR vaccine, can add another honour to his list this Christmas: the inaugural Golden Duck award for 
The Raw Story
NO link between Asperger’s or Autism and Violence, and Why 
What people who are insisting that the Sandy Hook killings are linked to AS and Autism are missing is that violent behaviors have never been listed as traits of Autism or AS as criteria. This does NOT mean that people with AS or Autism cannot 
Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

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