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Returning soldier reunites with autistic son
The wife of a US soldier returning home has planned a touching surprise reunion with his young autistic son who he had not seen in eight months. The soldier had been in Iraq with the National Guard for eight months when he came home on December 11 last 
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Sunnyvale police: Mother killed 22-year-old autistic son, then herself
San Jose Mercury News
(KGO-TV) A Sunnyvale woman who told neighbors she was “so tired” and could no longer handle caring for her 22-year-old autistic son shot him in his bedroom then turned the gun on herself. Her husband came home at 7:45 pm Tuesday to find his wife, 
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With autism, altered white matter in brain
Futurity: Research News
“In autistic individuals, we can measure the quality of the white matter, and our computer model can predict how coordinated their brain activity will be. This gives us a precise account of the underlying alterations affecting autistic thought,” says 
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Doctor struck off over MMR controversy clears name after GMC dismissal is over 
Daily Mail
Professor John Walker-Smith had been found guilty of professional misconduct following claims he took part in unapproved research that suggested links between the vaccine, bowel disease and autism. However, a judge overturned the General Medical 
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Daily Mail
Autism Mom and Advice Nurse Jennifer Walters Joins MyMedLab to Present 
Albany Times Union
MyAutismPath includes an online questionnaire designed to allow parents to chose from a list of the most common symptoms of autism to create a customized test panel specifically for their child. When results are complete, parents choose a time to speak 
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Autism: Don’t Look Now — I’m Trying to Think
Science Daily (press release)
7, 2012) — Children with autism look away from faces when thinking, especially about challenging material, according to new research from Northumbria University. Although generally encouraged to maintain eye contact as a means of enhancing their 
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MMR doctor wins High Court appeal
BBC News
Prof John Walker-Smith carried out research with Dr Andrew Wakefield claiming there was a link between autism and the combined jab for measles, mumps and rubella. The study caused a fall in vaccination rates, but was later discredited.
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BBC News
Parenting Adults With Autism
Huffington Post (blog)
My son’s autism was diagnosed when he was 5, after having been termed “pre-primary impaired” for 3 years. As he developed and grew, it became obvious that his autism was quite severe. At age 20, he is not really conversationally verbal.
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Unlocking Autism’s Mysteries: CMU’s Marcel Just Uses New Brain Imaging and 
Bradenton Herald
By Carnegie Mellon University PITTSBURGH, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — New research from Carnegie Mellon University’s Marcel Just provides an explanation for some of autism’s mysteries — from social and communication disorders to restricted interests 
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The Inner Workings Of Autism | March 5, 2012 Issue – Vol. 90 Issue 
Autism has come a long way since those days. It’s now known that the condition is actually a group, or spectrum, of neurodevelopmental disorders caused
Autism in the News – 03.02.12 « Autism Speaks Official Blog
‘Parent training’ may help kids with autism behave better (HealthDay News) Children with autismoften display challenging behaviors, but new research
Elvis And Autism: An Unlikely Couple | Newscripts
Grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches, sequined jumpsuits, a rockin’ set of sideburns. These are the things that people most often associate with Elvis.…/elvis-and-autism-an-unlikely-couple…

An Autistic Perspective & History | Battling the Anti-Vaxxer #BleachCult & Other Quack Cures

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years. 

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