Unlicensed medical ‘cures’ are flourishing in closed Facebook groups, where cancer treatments — and even surgery — are sold beyond the reach of the law | Circa October 18, 2019

Tom Porter  Oct 18, 2019, 2:51 AM

  • In a closed Facebook group, British woman Amanda Mary Jewell has for years been selling the chemical GcMAF, claiming it is a cure for cancer and autism. She has provided no medical support for this claim. 
  • Jewell also sells expensive, unregulated treatments at her clinic in the tropical nation of Belize. She is not a UK-registered doctor.
  • Both services are advertised on Facebook, in closed groups inaccessible without invitation.
  • Other unproven so-called “cures” — like the bleach known as Miracle Mineral Solution — also flourish in closed Facebook groups.
  • Experts say these groups are a breeding ground for disinformation. In the realm of life-altering diseases, a switch from a proven medical treatment to an unproven one could have serious consequences.
  • When contacted by Business Insider, Facebook closed some of the groups in question. It has since announced a rethink of the closed group system.



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