Clinics ‘peddling false hope for autism with potentially hazardous £14,000 cell therapy’

EXCLUSIVE: Dozens of private firms claim stem cell treatment can ­improve youngsters’ social skills, speech and concentration, but counter-claims say therapy is unproven and can cause more harm than good.


Clinics have been accused of peddling false hope to parents of autistic children with “potentially hazardous” treatment.

A Sunday People probe found dozens of private firms charging up to £14,000 for stem cell therapy, claiming it ­provides a whole range of benefits.

Clinics insist the treatment – in which donor cells are fed into a patient’s bloodstream via a drip – can help ­improve youngsters’ social skills, speech and concentration.

But there are counter-claims that the therapy is unproven, could be distressing for children and even cause them more harm than good. […]


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