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‘You have no authority over us’: Church leader, sons jailed for insisting chemical’s power to heal trumps laws of the state

At 8 a.m. on July 8, Food and Drug Administration agents backed up by Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies and Hazmat crews descended on a family compound in a quiet residential neighborhood of Bradenton, Florida. Their quarry: family patriarch Mark Grenon and his Miracle Mineral Solution, a bleach-like substance he promotes as a religious sacrament and […]

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Trust in Covid-19 Vaccines Could Turn on a Knife Edge

By Lionel Laurent | Bloomberg September 4, 2020 at 1:40 p.m. PDT Finding a vaccine against Covid-19 that works and can be distributed widely enough to help stop the pandemic is a global priority. Given the urgency, governments are doing all they can to fund research and incentivize firms to ramp up trials — pre-ordering doses, lowering regulatory barriers to […]

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Vaccine Exemption Doctor on Probation, Can No Longer Write Exemptions

Dr. Tara Zandvliet – who became well-known as the vaccine exemption doctor of choice in San Diego – will be placed on three years of professional probation for issuing vaccine exemptions that were deemed as grossly negligent by the Medical Board of California. As a condition of her probation, Zandvliet will not be allowed to […]

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Snapshot | Google alerts – autism | Circa October 28, 2011

News9 new results for autism   Crimesider Missing autistic boy found after 6-day search 3 of 9CBS NewsPolice say the Hanover County autistic boy who was missing for six days has been found alive. Police say 8-year-old Robert Wood Jr. was found Friday afternoon near the park where he was separated from his family. At a press conference this afternoon, …See all […]

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Polly Tommey Won’t Judge Parents Who Murder Their Disabled Children. That’s Part Of The Problem. | LBRB | Circa July 13, 2016

Let’s just jump right to the video clip. Because it needs no introduction, it is just so wrong: The speaker is Polly Tommey. Polly Tommey has a long history of bad autism advocacy. When people think of the autism parents who just do advocacy wrong, they are thinking of people like Polly Tommey. She’s been […]

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Death Better Than Autism Says Andrew Wakefield | LBRB | Circa May 28, 2010

When I first got involved in this, 15 years ago, I got a call from a parent in the North of England who said ‘Dr Wakefield please do not judge me harshly but when I die I’m taking my child with me, because I’m the only one who loves him’ and I didn’t judge that […]

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An Interview With Andrew Wakefield | LBRB | Circa February 16, 2016

Andrew Wakefield and I were both on the ConspiraSea Cruise in January 2016. By the last full day of the cruise, we’d had a few encounters ranging from standing in the same line for coffee to a fairly tense exchange during one of his lectures. I asked Wakefield after that lecture if he would answer a few […]