Interview: Steve Silberman | Neurodiversity News

Neurodiversity News: Tell me about yourself and what you do.

Steve Silberman: I am a writer. I wrote for Wired Magazine for a very long time as a science reporter. About five years ago, I published a very in-depth history of autism and neurodiversity called NeuroTribes. Unexpectedly, it became a bestseller and is now out in 20 different languages.

NN: What impact do you think the book had on the autistic community as a whole?

SS: Well, when I was writing the book, I realized that I was not writing a science book about autism or certainly not a medical book, but that it was the history of a tribe of people. A “NeuroTribe,” if you will, coming into awareness of themselves, coming into awareness of how many autistic people are out there. They’re taking steps to ensure their civil liberties, their right to self-determination, respect, and self-expression. I’m very grateful that a large part of the autistic community has really celebrated the book and really helped spread the word about it. I’m incredibly thankful about that. […]

Source: Interview: Steve Silberman | Neurodiversity News


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