Interview: Melanie Keiling | Neurodiversity News

Today on Neurodiversity News, I have had the pleasure to speak with Melanie Keiling, who runs the wonderful page, Autistic Grandma.

Neurodiversity News: Tell me about yourself and what you do.

Melanie Keiling: I am a 50-year-old stay at home autistic mother of four autistic kids. I spend my free time running my blog, Autistic Grandma. I like to share my day-to-day experiences as an autistic woman navigating life in a NT world, and my strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety. The majority of my content is directed at helping autistic adults heal from childhood trauma and to develop their coping skills, but I also share tips on parenting autistic children. I try to do this all with a side of humor through my memes and funny anecdotes. […]

Source: Interview: Melanie Keiling | Neurodiversity News


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