Cypress mother fights for teacher safety |

A local psychologist, who also has two children enrolled in Cy-Fair ISD, says teachers don’t think the district is not worried about their safety.


HOUSTON — Dr. Tara Cummings is a mother of two Cy-Fair ISD students. She opted to have her kids start the year virtually when the district opens its doors to students on Sept. 8.

“This decision is not easy,” Cummings said. “Most parents are agonizing over this one way or another.” …

“They feel the district doesn’t care about their safety,” Cummings said about the teachers she has talked with.”It’s traumatic to be going back. It’s traumatic to be thinking, ‘I could bring this home to someone in my family.'”

Public health experts agree teachers need a safe work environment.

“We shouldn’t be putting them in a position where they’re set up to fail,” infectious disease expert Dr. Peter Hotez said.

Hotez said he’s encouraged with the latest local numbers.

“This is sort of crunch time right now,” Hotez said.

If declining transmission rates continue, he believes it may be safe to resume in-person learning by September. But if cases are still high, it won’t matter what schools try to do to make it safe.

“Even with all those measures, they’ll only work if the level of COVID-19 transmission in the community is low,” Hotez said. […]

Source: Cypress mother fights for teacher safety |

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