Tony Hawk changes trick name to honour its deaf creator | indy100

If you’ve ever played any of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, which have been around for 21 years now, you’ll be familiar with the ‘Mute Air’ which is one of the most common tricks on the game.

Ahead of the re-release of the first two games, which have been given a whole new 2020 makeover, Hawk has confirmed that the trick will be renamed in order to honour its creator and move away from the name’s problematic origin.

In an Instagram post, which Hawk shared on Thursday, the iconic skater explained how the trick was invented by another skater named Chris Weddle in 1981 – who is deaf. Due to his impairment, Weddle didn’t speak much so after he invented the trick it was given the name ‘mute.’ When researching the origins of certain tricks, Hawk reached out to Weddle and asked if he was happy with the name. Weddle, although gracious, admitted that he would rather the trick would have been called something else as despite being deaf, he is not without speech. […]

Source: Tony Hawk changes trick name to honour its deaf creator | indy100

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