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Wed, May 6, 2009, 6:48 AM

Google News Alert for: autism

Adults with autism revisited – USA
Obviously, my prior post entitled “Where are all the adults with autism?” is not clear, and people are responding NOT to what I wrote but to the title. …
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McCarthy, Harpo team up for chat show
United Press International – USA
(UPI Photo/John Angelillo) CHICAGO, May 5 (UPI) — TV personality, author and autism activist Jenny McCarthy has signed a multiyear deal with Oprah …
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Understanding autism
Chicago Tribune – United States
As an autism coach with the Chicago Public Schools, I must express my profound concern about the student, Oscar Guzman, whose family members allege was …
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Mom launches Answer Inc. to give autistic youths a chance for …
Chicago Tribune – United States
It might have been a scene repeated at many homes this prom season, with one difference: Harlan, 21, is autistic. His mother, Debra Vines, 50, was hosting a …
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Autism Speaks event raises $25K
The Massachusetts Daily Collegian – Amherst,MA,USA
One of the biggest fundraisers on the University of Massachusetts campus, the “UWere, UAre, USpeak Autism Speaks 3K Walk 5K Race” was held on Sunday, May 3, …
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Autism Bill Signed
KULR-TV – Billings,MT,USA
By Sarah Gravlee BILLINGS – Montana is now the 10th state in the nation to require insurance companies to pay for autism care. …
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Researchers say children with autism should be diagnosed at …
KWMU – St. Louis,MO,USA
The study’s lead author Paul Shattuck says signs of autism, like trouble playing with others, can appear when kids are as young as two or three. …
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Column: Autism Speaks promotes hysteria, ignorance
Trading Markets (press release) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
Wouldn’t a few dollars one might otherwise spend on luxury items be better placed in the hands of Autism Speaks? Contributing to an organization that speaks …
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ABCs and No Skinned Knees: Study Reveals Various Barriers to …
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
CINCINNATI, May 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Nearly 75 percent of children ages 3-6 are in child care centers, and many are not getting enough exercise. …
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Lower extremity injuries more common among obese children
Endocrine Today – Thorofare,NJ,USA
Obese children were more likely to sustain lower extremity injuries and less likely to have face and head injuries compared with non-obese children, …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism: Experience and Struggle in Cagayan de Oro | Sun.Star …
Research says that autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that normally lasts during the course of a person’s lifetime. It is part of a group of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It is said to be more common than …
Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro News Feeds –

AGE OF AUTISM: Autism: When Enough is Too Much
By Kim Stagliano
By: Angela Warner The story I am about to share, I am sharing because I made a pact with myself that I would do what ever was within my power to help prevent another family from having to go through…

Warning: This is quackery. “Natural” and other products and pseudoscience practices promoted for ‘healing, recovery, cure’ have harmed and even killed Autistics worldwide.

Now these extremist fringe groups have expanded to gaslight the public on COVID-19 ‘cures, healing, recovery” and many other arenas.

The Autistic Community is very familiar with quack cults like this … we’ve been battling the same group who has had many identifying names like: Mercury Mob/Mafia, Antivaxxers, BleachCult, and many more. These folks and organizations also battle Autistics over our civil and human rights. The names change, but the people, for the most part, remain the same.

Fact: Autistics are not vaccine-injured and Vaccines do not cause autism.

PSA: Don’t Drink Bleach.

Genes that influence brain cell connections linked to autism …
By admin
In three studies, including the most comprehensive study of autism genetics to date, investigators funded in part by the National Institutes of Health have.
Medical News Base –

Autism Diagnosis Often Made Years After It Was Possible | Whixy …
By ScienceDaily: Latest Science News
Research shows autism diagnosis not occurring soon enough. A new study finds that the average age for children being diagnosed with autism is almost six years old. This is three to four years later than diagnosis is possible. … – Science and Health News –

Autism linked to brain abnormalities in toddlers
Read Autism articles at like Autism linked to brain abnormalities in toddlers.
Health news and Health articles –

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