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Nov 10, 2008, 9:54 PM

Google News Alert for: autism

Heartbeats: Help is out there for siblings of autism sufferers
Scarlet Scuttlebutt – East Brunswick,NJ,USA
By JEFF WEBER • Staff Writer • November 11, 2008 Autism is a serious brain-development disorder, affecting about one in every 500 people. …
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Forum sheds light on new methods in autism care
Arab News – Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
JEDDAH: To help the growing number of autistic children in the Arab world, the first scientific forum of autism centers in the Arab world began on Sunday …
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New York Times
In a Novel Theory of Mental Disorders, Parents’ Genes Are in …
New York Times – United States
In short: autism and schizophrenia represent opposite ends of a spectrum that includes most, if not all, psychiatric and developmental brain disorders. …
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First scientific forum to boost autism centers
Saudi Gazette – Riyadh,Saudi Arabia
By Farah Mustafa Wadi JEDDAH – Twenty Arab countries are participating in the first four-day scientific autism forum at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and …
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Herbal Tea May Lower Blood Pressure, Signs of Autism Possibly …
Insidermedicine – Kingston,Ontario,Canada
From California – According to research in the journal Autism, signs of autism may be apparent by 12 months of age. In a study of 66 one-year olds who were …
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New memoir reveals realities of living with autistic child
Contra Costa Times – Walnut Creek,CA,USA
“In our hearts,” says Lafayette author Laura Shumaker, “we knew it was autism.” Autism has been splashed across headlines lately. If it’s not Jenny McCarthy …
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San Francisco Chronicle
Flu shots for kids: Do they help?
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Thimerosal is a mercury-containing vaccine preservative that some people believe has caused an epidemic of childhood autism. …
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Why so many children with autism
Daily Breeze – Torrance,CA,USA
Autism is a growing concern for many. There has been a steady rise in cases of autism, prompting concern on the part of parents, parents-to-be and doctors. …
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Demonstration of Autism Assist dog by Dogs for Deaf
Upper Rogue Independent – Eagle Point,OR,USA
Dogs for the Deaf, the oldest and large Hearing Dog program in the United States, has expanded its program to include Autism Assistance Dogs for children …
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Why Is My Child with Autism Doing So Much Better?
About – News & Issues – New York,NY,USA
Tom was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a diagnosis on the autism spectrum) when he was three and a half. Like most parents, I spent a lot of time looking for and …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

David Kirby: Autism Speaks: Don’t Rule Out Vaccines
By David Kirby(
In an article published in the Daily Telegraph of the UK, Autism Speaks co-founder Bob Wright, former head of NBC and grandfather to an autistic child, is quoted rather extensively on the vaccine controversy. …
The Full Feed from –

The fight for autism coverage may soon be over
By Zach W
I’ve spent some time on this blog writing about autism, especially efforts by Democrats here in Wisconsin to mandate that health insurance companies provide coverage for behavioral therapy for autistic children, therapy which is not …
Blogging Blue –

Is Your Car Making YOU Sick?
By Adonya Wong
A few months ago, I did a post, on another site, similar to this one. That post encouraged parents to think about the health of their child(ren) car seat. Tonight’s post continues that thought process by encouraging the parent to …
Healing… Through the Eyes of Autism. –

Best Snack Food Choices
I feel like everyone I know, me included, is complaining about a few extra pounds and/or flabby muscles. I don’t know if it’s the time of year, the economy or what, but a lot of people I know are slacking right now. …
NEWS ANCHOR MOM: child health,… –

Center for Autism Research Lecture, presented by: Matthew Belmonte …
Thursday November 13, 2008 1:30 pm – 3 pm Austrian Auditorium, Clinical Research Building.
Penn Calendar –

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