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#QuackWatch | Another wave of COVID-19 cure scams targeting victims


As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on – impacting jobs and the ability to pay bills – some scammers are looking for ways to get their hands on your cash quick!

In recent cases, their plans to get rich quick count on you falling for claims they have uncovered a cure for the coronavirus.

“Whether there’s a natural disaster, whether we’re in this terrible pandemic, it brings out the best in people, but it sometimes brings out the worst in people,” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich about scams surfacing here in Arizona at the start of the pandemic. […]

Source: Another wave of COVID-19 cure scams targeting victims

An Autistic Perspective & History | Battling the Anti-Vaxxer #BleachCult & Other Quack Cures

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years. 

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