Petition: Mencap, your name Is offensive to Disabled people. Please change it? | AIM

Autistic Inclusive Meets started this petition to Mencap and 1 other

Dear Edel Harris

We as an organisation for Disabled people, ask that your charity Mencap consider changing their name.

We fully appreatiate all the work that Mencap have done and continue to do for Learning Disabled people over the years.

We ask that you move with the times and listen to the people you represent, by employing inclusive language in their title.

The word ‘Handicapped’ is advised not to be used by the UK Department For Work And Pensions guidelines here in Section 2:

There are hashtags that seek to empower the Disabled on Twitter such as Disabled #SayTheWord created by Lawrence Carter Long of The Disability Rights Education Defence Fund, we have spoken to Lawrence and will be using it in this petition, info here:

There are is also:

DisabledNotHandicapped #Wearenothandicapped #disabledisntadirtyword

Emma Dalmayne

It is plain that Disabled people find the word Handicapped dated and offensive, so please consider our point of view and consider our request.

Thank you and stay safe,

Emma Dalmayne

CEO – Autistic Inclusive Meets

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