An Autistic Perspective of Anti-Vaxxers, Miracle Mineral Solution and Other Quackery | Eve Reiland

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years. 

Yes, administering industrial-strength bleach as a drug, marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution, is absurd, toxic and has harmed and killed people around the world.  Yet this real American horror story is happening daily throughout the States and until recently, activists had no sources of support outside of their efforts to stop the harm. 

Autistic activists have been reporting and alerting the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for years to get sales of MMS banned and the bleach pushers halted from gaslighting more parents and vulnerable people. 

Last year, the campaigning prompted a warning letter to be reissued. With the introduction of COVID-19, conspiracy pushers have exploded the naturopath’s market to promote MMS as a cure to everyone, not just Autistics. This has generated an incredible surge in misinformation and exponentially increased sales. Now the FDA is cracking down with warning letters, search and seizures, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has stepped in with criminal charges. Most notable is the recent arrest of bleach peddlers Mark Grenon and his sons in Florida. 

So how did we go from parents teaching about the harms of ingesting bleach and other household cleaners (even slapping a poison control sticker on the jugs as an alert) to parents feeding this toxic cure to their babies in bottles, beverages or forced via an enema today? Oh the history, quackery, and bs involved here … it’s an ugly history that leads right back to the early days of the Autism Wars. If that wasn’t enough, it gets weirder with the connections to the cult of Scientology and their practices of pseudoscience “healthcare.” 

First, parents must believe their Autistic child has been harmed by vaccines or has been infested with autism parasites. They must believe that their child is brain injured from the shots, that their child is battling a toxic overload from the measles, mumps and rubella injections…  and therefore must be recovered, cleansed or chelated from an overdose of heavy metals to ‘recover’ their child from autism. That or bleached, extra doses on the full moon, to expel these ’parasites’ causing the autism.

Fact: Vaccines don’t cause autism.

Andrew Wakefield

These vulnerable parents have been gaslighted by the likes of the discredited doctor and fraud, Andrew Wakefield, and his morally-corrupt buddies. These parents are targeted with products by charlatans, and then taught how to dose their Autistic child to heal and cure them. One of the toxic treatments being touted today is Miracle Mineral Solution. (It’s also been called Master Mineral Solution, MMS and CD protocol.)

Jim Humble

Miracle Mineral Solution is chlorine dioxide, an industrial bleach. This toxic solution is given to Autistic children by anti-vaxxer parents worldwide to ‘heal, recover, or cure‘ their children from “vaccine injury.” Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) was created by Scientology dropout Jim Humble of Genesis II Church. It was a ‘sacrament’ of the bleach church (read: cult.).

Yes, it’s absurd to think that parents believe bleach can cure their child of being Autistic. Autism is a developmental disability and difference. That means Autistic children are born Autistic and will be Autistic for life. These kids will still be Autistic after they are fed bleach, turpentine, silver, powdered parrot head, chelated or any other horror being pushed right now as a therapy. Parents and others that believe vaccines cause their child’s autism have been fed false information and have been gaslighted by charlatans who scream Big Pharma is making bank off vaccines and harming humankind for the profit of it in the process.

What these true believers don’t realize is that yes, they’re victims of a conspiracy but not the conspiracy they think. They are in fact victims of the very frauds who preach about the giant government conspiracy or cover-up on vaccines. It’s actually these folks who are raking in the money by the billions in the fight against vaccines.

Autistic children and vulnerable adults are given doses of MMS in baby bottles, beverages, or forced via enemas. These anti-vaxxer parents believe their children are ‘vaccine injured’ and not truly born Autistic. They believe they can alleviate their child’s autism by bleaching them as a medical solution. MMS has harmed and killed people worldwide, and it’s only one of the toxic “cures” circulating through the “Autism Community” to “heal, recover or cure” Autistic children. There are many more dangerous atrocities promoted today in the name of alternative and all natural “medicine-free” solutions.

To add to that terribleness, many well-known Autism organizations in the United States are actually a front for the anti vaxxer cult. These organizations connect with vulnerable parents and offer support, hope for a cure, and teach parents to distrust their pediatricians’ advice on vaccines and autism. These parents are then funneled right into the tightly-knit “Autism community.” This is a very different community than the Autistic Community. The Autistic community is made of Autistic people and allies. The Autism Community is made up of non-Autistic parents of Autistics and professionals.

Jenny McCarthy and Terri Arranga, founder of AutismOne

While anti vaxxer true believers have their attention, energy and hate directed at Big Pharma and scientists, the anti vaxxer ‘messiahs’ are happily lining their pocketbooks while they preach with the millions generated monthly from product sales, investments, business profits, conferences, books and donations to their non-profit organizations.

These anti vaxxer organizations even went so far as to create their own kind of doctor to diagnose and treat Autistic kids, and with an invented Autism diagnostic test of their own too. These doctors were known as DAN! Doctors (stands for Defeat Autism Now). This network is now known as MAPS and is still going strong with organizations like TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) and AutismOne. Historically, Generation Rescue was a giant proponent of DAN! doctors. (Note: Generation Rescue is now defunct.)

The long reach of the anti vaxxer market goes from “alternative medicine” for Autistic kids all the way to the general public’s food and pet industry. Sadly, the leaders of this movement have also attached themselves to other legitimate civil rights and health movements. 

These coat-tail riders are harming the work of the real activists who’ve campaigned for decades, who have done the hard work to create change and may have even been criminally punished, ostracized and worse for their efforts. It’s insulting to see these movements be swarmed and co-opted by anti vaxxer propagandists who never faced the repercussions, jail time, or backlash the true activists in these civil rights movements suffered.

Nowadays, middle-upper class white women are reppin’ cannabis products as Autism treatments and, of course, a cure for every ailment under the sun just like they used to do with Tupperware, Avon and Mary Kay. Oddly, this is the same class and culture of people wFho fought against cannabis becoming legal, even as medication, for decades.

Note: If Cannabis cured Autism, I’d be neurotypical 100 times over by now. Cannabis is medicine that greatly helps with many conditions and curing Autism is not one of them. Talk to your doctor for more information about the benefits and risks.

— Eve Reiland

The charlatans’ that push propaganda about autism and recovery are well-known in the “Autism community,” and well abhorred in the Autistic Community. Gaslighters include, but aren’t limited to: Andrew Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, J.B. Handley, Jim Humble, Kerri Rivera, Mark Grenon and sons, Katie Wright, Genesis II Church, Scientology and more.

Photo by Pixabay on

There are many who peddle Autism misinformation to make a buck. These pushers don’t care about the horrible side effects and related deaths these ‘cures’ have caused. These predators don’t care about the harm happening just as long as they can keep the money flowing from donations or sales going into their bank accounts. Ka-ching.

Horribly, most well-known Autism organizations in the USA are really fronts for the anti-vaxxer cult. These charities include Autism Speaks (the organization changed their formal stance in 2016 and no longer publicly promote the false belief that vaccines might cause autism), Generation Rescue (now defunct), AutismOne, Children’s Health Defense, TACA and many more.

Some of these organizations went so far as to connect vulnerable parents with dubious doctors and naturopaths that pushed the ‘vaccines cause autism’ myth and taught parents to ignore the signs of their child’s distress as their touted bleach cure, or other touted toxic ‘therapy,’ were signs the Autism was being defeated or cleansed out of their child.

These parents are taught to believe the rope-like pieces being expelled into diapers were autism parasites. Often these body parts are saved and put into canning jars, kept in a collection that is then photographed and shown on social media to other “parasite hunters.” The autism parasites are actually the shedding of their child’s internal mucous membranes. 

Many of these families use these collections, and other anecdotes of better eye contact, increase in verbal language words, and other false measures to present as proof their child is no longer Autistic,or is less Autistic now.  Other side effects from Miracle Mineral Solution are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, life-threatening low blood pressure due to dehydration, kidney failure, and even life-threatening hemolysis in people who are deficient in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Autistic Activists Emma Dalmayne, Amanda Seigler, with Melissa Eaton and thousands more worldwide have been fighting the toxic cures promoted and peddled by these organizations and charlatans for many years. The work of these Autistic activists and allies is directly responsible for having Miracle Mineral Solution banned in many countries, getting the product removed from Amazon, EBay and other commerce sites. These activists are also directly responsible for getting anti-vaxxer propaganda and quack treatments deplatformed on Youtube, Facebook and more.

None of this work was supported or even acknowledged by mainstream, well-known Autism organizations. In fact, the members of these orgs have historically been some of the most vicious opponents to Autistics rising and demanding this quackery and commodification of Autistic people be put to a stop. 

Still, it’s mind boggling how poison like Miracle Mineral Solution became marketed as an autism cure without any legitimacy, without any real study, without any peer review studies, and without any scientific support. The logic is completely missing and yet, parents are feeding their children bleach.  So how did parents make the giant leap to think bleach was a legitimate ‘healing’ therapy and not a quack solution that kills?

 The Answer: Hollywood Celebrities.

Yup, famous people promoted this toxicity, and others like it, as medicine. They legitimized the absurd idea that ‘vaccine injury’ was real and caused the “Autism Epidemic.” Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy even promoted DAN! Doctors which in turn legitimized harmful biomedical treatments like Miracle Mineral Solution, chelation, severe and restrictive diets, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and more.

Well-known celebrities have also been yearly keynote speakers at giant Autism conferences geared to pushing the false vaccine-injury cause and toxic biomedical treatments solutions. These conferences directly connect gaslighted parents with snake oil entrepreneurs. These celebrities have created an army of true believers (mother warriors, martyr parents) that have demanded national attention, pushed for funding and research be directed to ‘vaccines cause autism’ research and biomedical cures. 

This mob of believers have actively raged against Autistics and others who challenge their absurd notions and expose their lies. They attack  activists online who are fighting to build bridges with parents to build a better future for all autistics – a future that values autistic voice, history, culture and Autistic people as valuable contributors to society and humankind. A future that supports a better quality of life for Autistic people of all abilities and disabilities. A future  that includes support and help for co-morbidities, housing, employment, representation in legislation and real and actual Autistic healthcare that considers Autistic people have different developmental timelines and excludes the quackery and abuse so predominant today. 

Anti-vaxxers are vicious with their attacks on Autistic activists. They scream Autistics should want a cure, and who are Autistics to deny other Autistics a cure? The other clapbacks are Autistics aren’t Autistic enough to have a voice in our world, representation in legislation or even a say in our own healthcare options.

The other side of the not-Autistic-enough argument is the too-Autistic-to-have-a-voice argument. This happens when an Autistic does qualify for compassion from an anti-vaxxer. The catch is these Autistic people are “too Autistic” to know what they need or to have any ability to self-advocate on any level.   These martyr parents then assume their child’s voice and advocate for their illogical agenda while purposefully silencing the largest minority group in the world at the same time: Autistic people. 

The hate generated towards Autistic’s by this faction is unfathomable and often not believed by outsiders … well, at least until recently. Today the viciousness of anti-vaxxers has risen above the Autism Wars and expanded to mainstream media with the reports of anti-vaxxer attacks on doctors, scientists and politicians. Most recently these true believers have been activated by their anti-vaxxer leaders to protest the validity of COVID-19, and ostracize those who do not believe the big conspiracy theories and quackery being pushed. 

Death threats, rape threats, stalking, harassment, hate mail, doxxing and more have been the primary response by anti-vaxxers to Autistics exposing their lies and evil deeds. This style of attack is very much in pattern with Scientology’s “Fair Game” tactics. 

The coronavirus pandemic has caused overzealous anti-vaxxers to up their game and now instead of measles parties, they host COVID-19 parties. The results have been more deadly than ever.

So let’s take a look back to 2008 and remember the “Green The Vaccines” march and rally in Washington DC coordinated by Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Generation Rescue, TACA and promoted by Autism Speaks.

Today, right now, the Autistic community and people are still suffering the effects of that campaign. The celebrity and media power in the mid-late 2000s  that launched anti-vaxxer fringe extremist cult rhetoric into everyone’s living rooms was astounding. 

There were sweeps of sensational interviews that included well-known celebrities like Jim Carrey and Holly Robinson Peete who were partnered with charlatans like J.B. Handley, and professional martyr parents like Katie Wright to be heard on network TV shows like Larry King, The Doctors, Oprah, Ellen and more. These broadcasts cemented the validity of the anti-vaxxer message, silenced Autistics, and created the mess in Autistic healthcare and supports that many Autistics are still battling to fix today. 

We can thank Jenny McCarthy and pals, the now defunct organization Generation Rescue, and AutismOne for introducing the bleach cult queen, Kerri Rivera, directly to the “Autism community.”  

We can also thank Autism Speaks for legitimizing these cult organizations connected to their founding daughter, Katie Wright, by promoting them in their Autism Speaks emails and newsletters – and even going so far to push DAN! Doctors and biomedical treatments back in 2008 and highlighting fundraisers where the prize included a spa day with HBOT. 

Kerri Rivera

Kerri Rivera was heavily involved with Generation Rescue. Rivera was promoted as a Generation Rescue Angel and made direct contact with parents to kick start them on their biomedical journey to heal, recover and cure their Autistic child.

Jim Humble

Rivera was also a featured presenter yearly at Ed and Teri Arranga’s AutismOne conferences. Well that is at least until the state of Illinois told Rivera to stop — that only halted the in-person attendance. AutismOne used a video presentation created especially for them. Rivera currently resides in Germany and continues to push her poison as medicine and a cure. 

Jim Humble, the founder of Genesis II Church and creator of Miracle Mineral Solution, now resides in Mexico.

Stanley Nowak

Canada put the breaks on bleach peddler Stanley Nowak in 2018. Nowak pleaded guilty to charges filed and was given a two-year conditional sentence order by the British Columbia Provincial Court, which was to be followed by two years probation.

Last month the Federal Court of Australia cracked down MMS Australia, the Australian chapter of the Genesis II Church. Charles Barton has been pushing and promoting bleach as a cure for COVID-19. He’s been issued infringement notices totalling $151,200.

Mark Grenon

Recently in the States, Mark Grenon and his sons been charged and arrested for their marketing and sales of MMS in connection to e USA chapter of Genesis II Church. The Grenons face several decades of prison time if convicted.

Mar 29, 2016
Bob Wright

Autism Speaks took until 2016 to officially embrace the fact that vaccines don’t cause autism. Well, that was their formal statement as given by Bob Wright, a co-founder of Autism Speaks and former NBC executive, former President and CEO of General Electric Financial Services and senior advisor at Lee Equity Partners. 

In the same interview, Wright proceeded to backpedal, soften and double speak around vaccines and continued to cast suspicion. True to Autism Speaks form, the description of autism on the screen falsely referred to it as a disease.

Fact: Autism is not a disease.

Apr 13, 2016

NBC later featured and interviewed Bob Wright’s buddy, Robert DeNiro, about the film “Vaxxed being canned in the Tribeca Film Festival lineup. DeNiro then took the spotlight to regurgitate every anti-vaxxer sentiment of the ages as something brand new to re-kick the “vaccines might cause autismcycle back into high gear.

So back in the anti-vaxxer spin cycle, Katie Wright, daughter of Autism Speaks co-founders Bob and Suzanne Wright,  is still a major voice against vaccines and an autism ‘recovery’ woo pusher. Katie Wrights’ formal connections to Autism Speaks ended back in 2007, but that didn’t stop her from getting the anti-vaxxer message delivered while still leaning on her parent’s names and connections. She was also a board member of Generation Rescue before it’s demise. Katie Wright ‘s been a large voice in every organization related to the pseudoscience of mercury, thimerosal in vaccines causing autism, and other quackery over the years. As of 2020, she is currently working with Robert F. Kennedy Jr and his Children’s Health Defense propaganda organization. 

Jenny McCarthy has gone silent since her last campaign with J.B. Handley to promote his book, “How To End The Autism Epidemic” exploded in her face. The backlash was so grand, Jenny’s video supporting J. B. Handley’s book tour was ganked.

Since then, J. B. Handley has claimed he’s in retirement and slinked quietly off from the interwebs, taking Generation Rescue’s website with him. Of course, this was after Generation Rescue’s bad practices, lies and bullshit were exposed by investigative reporters in 2019. | Circa July 2020

Handley has been spotted taking a break from his short (what…a year?) retirement now to scream COVID-19 conspiracy theories with his buddy Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over on the Children’s Health Defense blog. Only these day’s he’s not listd as the CHD board’s vice president, rather he’s attributed as a contributing writer.

And Jenny McCarthy? Oh hell, she’s pretending she was never a part of this racket now and doing some show with guessing singers in animal costumes, and flubbing award shows where she interviews celebrities and simultaneously pisses them off at the same time on live television.

While Jenny has ghosted the ‘vaccines cause autism’ pseudoscience debate, her mob rages on and continues to worship Andrew Wakefield as a messiah, Jesus Christ and Ghandi all rolled up into one. Robert F Kennedy Jr continues to play Wakefield’s song and jet sets around the world to convert and collect more victims to the cause – well, whichever cause he’s scaremongering for that week.

Autistics? We’re still here fighting the lies, battling the quackery, exposing and reporting the bullshit. Jenny’s anti-vaxxer mob is still as vicious as ever. Only now her “mother warriors” have evolved into RFK Jr’s vicious anti-vaxxer mob.

The same bullying tactics Autistics experienced all these years by anti-vaxxers are now documented in media reports and news stories, only this time the hate is directed at doctors, scientists, researchers and politicians who are working hard to protect the health of humankind.

13 responses to “An Autistic Perspective of Anti-Vaxxers, Miracle Mineral Solution and Other Quackery | Eve Reiland”

  1. Thank goodness for those of you who struggle against the autism “cures”. I was appalled to discover Andrew Wakefield’s latest book on Audible and Amazon. This is truly a game of whack a mole. I have written Audible reporting the Wakefield book but if any of you here haven’t yet contacted Audible and Amazon on this specific book it would help if you would.


    • I might have trouble Googling that book. For some reason, when it comes to putting in the struck-off gastro-enterologist’s surname, I wind up typing ‘Snakefield’ instead. I just can’t help it even though it’s so insulting to reptiles. 😦


  2. […] Mighty Well, a small business, has been experiencing this issue over the past two years … And that’s about the time Autistic activists and allies were successful at exposing the dangers of pseudoscience on Autistic children with these products online. Many social media platforms started yanking these toxic ‘cures’ and propaganda books off the menu due to the success of Autistic activists like Emma Dalmayne in the UK.  […]


  3. […] Almost all Autism organizations have promoted harmful therapies and bullshit as a cure or solution t…This organization has been instrumental in launching the validity of anti-Vaxxers, and funded study after study after study trying to prove the link. Ultimately, their own researchers proved there’s no vaccine – autism link and had to drop it. At least officially. Later, due to pressure of Autistic activists being heard, Autism Speaks also dropped the word ‘cure’ from their mission. A lip-service gesture to keep investors happy I suppose. […]


  4. […] Almost all Autism organizations have promoted harmful therapies and bullshit as a cure or solution t…This organization has been instrumental in launching the validity of anti-Vaxxers, and funded study after study after study trying to prove the link. Ultimately, their own researchers proved there’s no vaccine – autism link and had to drop it. At least officially. Later, due to pressure of Autistic activists being heard, Autism Speaks also dropped the word ‘cure’ from their mission. A lip-service gesture to keep investors happy I suppose. […]


  5. […] April is also the month I feel the most erased as an Autistic woman, and as an Autistic mom to Autistics. During “the month” store shelves are packed with products geared to the “Autism Market.” The focus is on selling to non-Autistic people who love an Autistic, and to generate donations to benefit Autism Speaks. […]


  6. […] April is also the month I feel the most erased as an Autistic woman, and as an Autistic mom to Autistics. During “the month” store shelves are packed with products geared to the “Autism Market.” The focus is on selling to non-Autistic people who love an Autistic, and to generate donations to benefit Autism Speaks.  […]


  7. […] Unfortunately, that’s where the good ends for Autistics with this researcher. Rimland promoted theories on autism, the cause and the cure, that have since been discredited. He founded the Autism Research Institute (ARI) and introduced Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) doctors to the world. These doctors followed Rimland’s belief there was a link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The ‘autism treatments’ offered were sheer quackery. Some of the more well-known ‘alternative’ remedies to ‘heal and recover’ an Autistic child included chelation, bleach marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. […]


  8. […] Unfortunately, that’s where the good ends for Autistics with this researcher. Rimland promoted theories on autism, the cause and the cure, that have since been discredited. He founded the Autism Research Institute (ARI) and introduced  Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) doctors to the world. These doctors followed Rimland’s belief there was a link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The ‘autism treatments’ offered were sheer quackery. Some of the more well-known ‘alternative’ remedies to ‘heal and recover’ an Autistic child included chelation, bleach marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  […]


  9. TBCH, Miracle Mineral Solution strikes me as a really good name for chlorine dioxide, given how much of a miracle it is that no one has yet died from being ‘treated’ with this bleach. (-_Q)


    • I must apologise. Because my phone is currently having trouble keeping pages loaded, I couldn’t read the blogpost through before commenting, so didn’t realise that people have died from this form of medicalised abuse. With that said, I believe that MMS was created not in response to so-called ‘vaccine injury’ in autistic children, but due to the presence of imaginary ‘intestinal parasites’ in their colons. That does seem to ride on the coat tails of Andrew Snakefield’s ‘autistic enterocolitis’ hypothesis, though, I will admit.


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