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Dec 12, 2018, 11:05 AM

Daily update ⋅ December 12, 2018
Unusual sensory responses in infancy may hint at autism
Some children diagnosed with autism by age 2 show unusual responses to … “Babies who develop autism have these differences from late infancy …

Autism break rooms at sports events: A place to go when sensory overload hits
Washington Post
But the O’Donnells found out that their oldest child, Declan, 8, was autistic when he was about 4. When they took him to games, he struggled to sit still …
Saint Joseph’s University becomes first major college to add autism break room at basketball games – Main Line
Full Coverage

Why Did Amazon Endorse a Ghastly Autism ‘Treatment?’
Daily Beast
Just a few weeks ago, Humble’s Mineral Solution (also known as Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS) was adorned with the prized “Amazon’s Choice” …

Warning: This is quackery. “Natural” and other products and pseudoscience practices promoted for ‘healing, recovery, cure’ have harmed and even killed Autistics worldwide.

Now these extremist fringe groups have expanded to gaslight the public on COVID-19 ‘cures, healing, recovery” and many other arenas.

The Autistic Community is very familiar with quack cults like this … we’ve been battling the same group who has had many identifying names like: Mercury Mob/Mafia, Antivaxxers, BleachCult, and many more. These folks and organizations also battle Autistics over our civil and human rights. The names change, but the people, for the most part, remain the same.

Fact: Autistics are not vaccine-injured and Vaccines do not cause autism.

PSA: Don’t Drink Bleach.

Child With Autism Meets Santa for the First Time
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Wolf’s six-year-old son Matthew was born 24-weeks premature and is both blind and autistic. But despite his disabilities, Mathew has a growing …
Santa Helps Blind Boy With Autism Feel the Twinkle in His Eyes & It’s Seriously Emotional – CafeMom
Full Coverage

Report: Thousands of autistic adults in Bexar County go without services
San Antonio Express-News
Thousands of adults in Bexar County with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual and developmental disabilities likely lack access to services, …

Tennessee US Rep.-elect Mark Green, a doctor, falsely claims vaccines cause autism, denies CDC …
The Tennessean
A soon-to-be congressman from Tennessee told constituents Tuesday he believed vaccines may be causing autism, denying data from the Centers for …

Brain activity shows development of visual sensitivity in autism
Medical Xpress
Research investigating how the brain responds to visual patterns in people with autism has shown that sensory responses change between childhood …

These training programs steer adults on the autism spectrum into high-tech jobs in coding and …
The San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Peter Souza is living his dream — what he calls a “one-job life.” He’s no longer sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, juggling several part-time, …

How VR is being used to help children with learning disabilities, autism
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
LOS ANGELES ( – The United States Department of Education is betting on virtual reality to help students with high-functioning autism and …

In Photos: Autism Solution Pieces’ fifth annual Christmas celebration
Journal Times
Autism Solution Pieces was founded by two Racine mothers, Cindy Schultz and Cathy Wathen, as a support groups for their sons who had been …


Find Your Legislators – Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks
Enter your 5 digit ZIP code or your ZIP+4: Quick Links to Official Government Web sites. · ·

Taubman assistant professor uses architecture to help children with autism
Arts & Culture – University of Michigan
Her intense happiness and the communication of that enjoyment were key to building a social bond, a challenge for Ara as she lives with autism and …

How Rain Man changed the conversation on autism
Film about an autistic man moved the world 30 years ago, Martin Chilton writes.

A father shares his experience in raising an autistic child
AUTISM – a topic many of us will choose to avoid as we rather not imagine there is a possibility the young ones in our life may turn out to be different.

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