Unlicensed medical ‘cures’ are flourishing in closed Facebook groups, where cancer treatments — and even surgery — are sold beyond the reach of the law | Circa October 18, 2019

Note From Emma Dalmayne:

Mary was me. 😉 .

‘In a phone call to the self-described cancer researcher Amanda Jewell, a British woman who calls herself “Mary” describes how she is struggling to cope.

“My mother, she has stage three breast cancer. It’s spread to her right. It’s spread to her lymph nodes and they’re giving her chemotherapy. It’s so distressing,” she says.

She describes her difficulties with her six-year-old son’s behavior: a “non-verbal autistic child, very picky in his diet, very violent.”
“I’ve got him acting out and doing what he’s doing and I’ve got my poor mother who’s so ill, she’s vomiting, her hair is starting to fall out,” she says.

In the call, “Mary” begs for an appointment, having arranged the call by joining Jewell’s invite-only Facebook group, GcMAF Oracle. She hopes it can provide the cure she’s desperately seeking.

The name refers to Jewell’s core product — the substance GcMAF, the common name for GC protein-derived macrophage activating factor.
Jewell, to her select audience, claims that GcMAF is a breakthrough treatment for a raft of otherwise incurable conditions, including autism and late-stage cancer.

Mary is in fact an undercover campaigner against medical disinformation, and made the call to expose how bogus practitioners operate.’

Unlicensed medical ‘cures’ are flourishing in closed Facebook groups, where cancer treatments — and even surgery — are sold beyond the reach of the law

Tom PorterOct 18, 2019, 5:51 AM

  • In a closed Facebook group, British woman Amanda Mary Jewell has for years been selling the chemical GcMAF, claiming it is a cure for cancer and autism. She has provided no medical support for this claim. 
  • Jewell also sells expensive, unregulated treatments at her clinic in the tropical nation of Belize. She is not a UK-registered doctor.
  • Both services are advertised on Facebook, in closed groups inaccessible without invitation.
  • Other unproven so-called “cures” — like the bleach known as Miracle Mineral Solution — also flourish in closed Facebook groups.
  • Experts say these groups are a breeding ground for disinformation. In the realm of life-altering diseases, a switch from a proven medical treatment to an unproven one could have serious consequences.
  • When contacted by Business Insider, Facebook closed some of the groups in question. It has since announced a rethink of the closed group system.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/in-closed-facebook-groups-pushing-unproven-treatments-2019-8?amp&r=US&IR=T&__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3nM6YSd0mFl44k3fEG1jZNbtHcdICg2FTqd2PRajlP7eyUpD57VsDNiwY

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