FDA Crackdown of Bleach ‘Miracle’ Cure – Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports looks at the FDA crackdown of the bogus bleach ‘Miracle’ Cure touted for years by the Genesis II Church. The FDA waited until the recent pandemic to attempt to crack down on Miracle Mineral Solution.

Update: On July 8, the federal government filed a criminal complaint against members of the family behind Florida-based Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The charges are related to Genesis’ long-running effort to sell a bogus bleach “miracle” product as a cure for cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, and, more recently, COVID-19. 

The product, known as Miracle Mineral Solution, was a lucrative business for the family, according to the government’s filings. Genesis had sold tens of thousands of bottles of MMS, according to the filing, and between April and December of 2019, it received an average of approximately $32,000 per month in related sales. But in March 2020, when they began promoting it as a cure for COVID-19, they netted approximately $123,000. 

If convicted, the defendants will likely face up to 14-17.5 years in prison, the government says in the filing.  

Source: FDA Crackdown of Bleach ‘Miracle’ Cure – Consumer Reports

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