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Trump administration will let homeless shelters refuse transgender people / LGBTQ Nation

The Trump administration announced that it is close to changing an Obama era rule so that homeless shelters can more easily refuse to take in transgender people. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced in a release several changes to the Equal Access Rule, which was updated in 2016 under President Barack Obama to […]

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Risk markers for suicidality in autistic adults | Molecular Autism

Abstract Background Research has shown high rates of suicidality in autism spectrum conditions (ASC), but there is lack of research into why this is the case. Many common experiences of autistic adults, such as depression or unemployment, overlap with known risk markers for suicide in the general population. However, it is unknown whether there are risk markers […]

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‘I might not be here without them’: Photos help fight the stigma of antidepressants | Metro News

‘You can only get up and go outside and do yoga if you’re able to cope with getting out of bed.’ Mental health advocates are urging people to share pictures of their medication to show others there’s no shame in getting the help they need. Emma Dalmayne was inspired to launch the #ShowUsYourMeds campaign to […]