Those face mask ADA exemption cards are dangerous nonsense.

Nondisabled scammers want you to believe that the ADA “protects” them from having to wear a face mask in public. Don’t believe them.


Every morning I get a text message from my disabled grandmother’s nursing home telling me how many residents have died “COVID related deaths” since the pandemic began. As of Friday morning? Eighteen. Every night, I dread the possibility of waking the next morning to find the number has ticked even higher. Nationwide, more than 33,000 nursing home residents have been killed by COVID-19. Despite the promise of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, landmark civil rights legislation designed to guarantee the rights of disabled Americans, the United States has continually failed disabled people. Where were the ADA protections for those 33,000 nursing home residents? And our government isn’t even bothering to track, in any nationwide, systematic way, the number of disabled people dying in other institutional settings, like psychiatric facilities and group homes—where are their ADA protections?

Source: Those face mask ADA exemption cards are dangerous nonsense.

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