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Giving Monica A Voice | Fundraiser by Shurrell Berdan


Shurrell Berdan is organizing this fundraiser.

Requesting help with lawyer fees for my sister and brother in law in the custody for his daughter Monica. Court is the 23rd and they are trying to court order him to send her back to her mothers house where Monica has said her moms boyfriend raped her. During the investigation she outcried to her forensic therapist and child pornography was found on his electronics. The Green Bay DA refused to press charges because Monica is an unreliable witness due to the autism but he is being charged with child pornography. All funds will go towards lawyer fees and court costs. Thank you  


Updates (1)

  • YESTERDAY by Shurrell Berdan, Organizer On June 23rd there was a custody enforcement hearing. The court commissioner order for Monica to return to the biomom and her abusers home. Flight is booked for July 3rd.

Source: Fundraiser by Shurrell Berdan : Giving Monica a voice

Looking for family law attorneys in both Texas and Wisconsin. The case involves an autistic minor who is being put at risk of abuse.

If you have any referrals please PM us as soon as possible. This is an urgent matter, and we are working hard to keep the minor safe where they are.

Go fund me for a lawyer to save this child:

If you don’t know anyone, please share this!!!!!

By Eve Reiland

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