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George Boardman: Nevada City’s mayor a clear and present danger to businesses |


At a time when COVID-19 cases are surging in California and places like Nevada City are trying to reassure the public it is safe to patronize local merchants, you would expect public officials to encourage responsible behavior by the public.

Then there are the likes of soon-to-be ex-Mayor Reinette Senum, who used her Facebook page to denounce Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order to the public to wear masks in public settings.

“As you go about your day today, KNOW there is NO LAW that Orders you to Wear a Mask,” she posted. “Our Governor does NOT have that universal power to make such orders. While I know the HEADLINES over the last couple days (sic) have stated something entirely different, that is because journalism is dead.” She also posted a statement on YouTube. …

Source: George Boardman: Nevada City’s mayor a clear and present danger to businesses |

Then there’s this post from the blog of one J.B. Handley, who identifies himself as an entrepreneur: “Locking down society was a bone-headed policy decision so devastating to society that historians may judge it as the all time worse decision ever made. The lockdown will cause more deaths and destruction than COVID-19 ever did.”

Among other things, Handley’s blog announced the discovery of the cause of autism, and questions the value and safety of vaccines, something near and dear the Senum’s heart. Longtime readers of Senum’s Facebook page know she believes chemtrails are real, is suspicious of cell phone technology, and is an anti-vaxxer and staunch opponent of the pharmaceutical industry.

Comment by Eve Reiland

JB Handley is an evil man. Autistic people worldwide have suffered his ideas for far too long. Now that Covid-19 has erupted, he’s come back out of retirement to push his bs on the entire world. What he’s doing here, he did to us. We’re still fighting the lies that vaccine causes autism, fighting the stigma and ugly he created about us (with his co-horts jenny mccarthy, jim carrey, generation rescue, autism one, andrew wakefield, rfk jr and katie wright — just to name a few. Now their all under children’s health defense but it’s the same folks all these years).

These folks are still fighting Autistics for our right to exist and be seen as actual humans. The healthcare antivaxxers have for Autistic children and vulnerable people has harmed and killed. They promote the use of bleach (miracle mineral solution), chelation, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, turpentine, and more.

It’s disgusting what they do to us to ‘cure, heal and recover’ the “vaccine injury.” They raise their Autistic children believing this too. It’s awful.I have quite the collection in my archives on JB Handley if you’re interested in his work over the past 20 years. He’s incredibly rich and powerful, be careful. He’s known to attack, and go after legally, and doxx people who say something against him.

I call him the white devil scientologist.Thank you for alerting the world to this man’s antics and bs.

Funny, he only retired last year when the heat was coming down on Generation Rescue … and his bad works being exposed. Now he’s branched out heavily into natural foods and pets and so on. Swander Pace Captial > Applewood products > hormel. just one example. Everytime these people raise a stink on something, their $$$$ goes way up. Yet while that’s happening their screaming big pharma.

REMEMBER that Handley was the other founder of Jenny McCarthy’s cult-like ‘Generation Rescue’… sent to do a job by A$ founders as they shied away from mercury/vaccine talk to protect their position in the science establishment, protect the funding they receive for ghastly unethical science practices, to do a job they could not do without getting unnecessarily mucky hands.

Never a word of criticism for GR or Handley or McCarthy from A$.

REMEMBER that A$ sent John Donvan and Caren Zucker to author ‘In A Different Key’ solely to counter Steve Silberman’s ‘Neurotribes’, simply a paid Hit to undo a great work with underwriting provided by A$ informally. Not a word against Donvan and Zucker written by A$.

REMEMBER that Handley is the herald of how vile autistic’s are in his perspective and that of his readership. Handley, for the hoary old-guard of anti-autism, is still the leading merchant out spreading the idea that autistics are diseased, empty, the negation of what it is to be human, a ‘tsunami’ of brokenness, heading to be the sole type of being ‘alive’, a world crisis, an epidemic, and not an epidemic that can be countered by vaccination in the usual way, but this time by extermination, neuro-cleansing, quarantine, castration, prevention, eugenics, viral payloads, defeat, destruction. … – John Greally

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