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Mon, Feb 14, 2011, 8:29 PM

News 10 new results for autism

Rhodesian ridgeback stands tall as autism service dog
USA Today
Wolfe and Wyatt work with hundreds of autistic and developmentally disabled children. “I have people say to me, ‘It’s one thing to win Best in Show at …
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USA Today
Discredited autism study caused suffering, reporter says
TORONTO — The British journalist who spent seven years investigating a study that triggered fears about autism being linked to the MMR vaccine says parents …
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Autistic kids can connect with animals
USA Today
By Todd Plitt, USA TODAY By Todd Plitt, USA TODAY Understanding how animals help kids with autism requires more study, says James Griffin, researcher at the …
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USA Today
Mesa fake-bomb case shows difficulty with police and autism
But experts say that’s not surprising, because the youth suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorders, a category of conditions where people think in a very …
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Norwalk lawmakers propose autism protection bill
Connectcut Plus
“Instead, she posed as a health care provider, and treated autistic children although she was not trained to do so. The stunning magnitude of the potential …
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Reduce the Risk of Your Child Having Autism
Associated Content
According to WebMD, autism affects an estimated 10 to 20 of every 10000 people. It is about four times more common in boys as in girls. …
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Autistic youths get fewer services after high school
Boston Globe
As children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders age, they are less likely to use special services after high school. In a study that analyzed data from …
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Andrew Wakefield trying to open a facility for autistic adults in Austin
Dallas Morning News (blog)
Whatever your take is on Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor who lost his license after his research linking autism to vaccines was discredited by the …
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A Closer Look At Autism Insurance Bill
Last Thursday, the House of Delegates passed the bill that would require insurance companies to cover therapy for those diagnosed with autism. …
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ND Legislature: Chain retailer pharmacies, college construction, and autism to …
Autism is also being discussed this week. One bill asks for a comprehensive study of the current system for the diagnosis, treatment, care and education of …
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Blogs 5 new results for autism

Autism NOW Opens a National Resource and Information Center …
By agilmour
The Arc’s Autism NOW: The National Autism Resource and Information Center celebrated its opening on January 18. The Autism NOW Center has exciting goals.
Operation Autism –

Easter Seals and Autism » Blog Archive » Grants help parents …
By Beth Finke
Thought I’d share some good news from the Autism Science Foundation. They’re offering grants to parents of children with autism to offset the costs of attending the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR this year). …
Easter Seals and Autism –

Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism
This article explains the how and why’s of teaching social skills to children with autism.
Suite101: Autistic Child Parenting… –

On love, neurosciences, Autism, Asperger’s, LINKS, Mandela, Books …
By Felix Larocca
Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine Presents Cause Anxiety at the Gift Counter Attachment theory helps explain why some people consider giving gifts to their.
Sistema Limbico –

Share the Love – Autism
Monday February 14, 2011. Is there someone you love in the autism community? Share your Valentines love and tributes with the world! Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of these wonderful love notes written by parents, … Autism –

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