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Sun, May 23, 2010, 9:30 PM

Google News Alert for: autism

Autistic teen says police used Taser on him
Atlanta Journal Constitution
AP A Tybee Island teen with autism and a heart condition claims police used a Taser on him. Clifford Grevemberg says police twice used a Taser on him and …
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Austin American-Statesman
Brazilian woman, autistic son fight to stay in US
Austin American-Statesman
The government has delayed action because Wilson has autism. By Juan Castillo For nearly 23 years, Brazilians Wilson Geraldes, his wife, Valquires, …
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Autism funding meeting
ABC Online
Supporters of an education program for children with autism are hopeful it will continue next term. The Launceston based program, the A-Team is due to …
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BBC News
MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield awaits punishment verdict
BBC News
By Nick Triggle The doctor who first suggested a link between MMR vaccinations and autism is to find out whether he will be punished by the medical …
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Grandin offers insight into the autistic mind
The Herald-Mail
Temple Grandin laughs at the way her autistic mind works and laughs at the ways she thinks a normal mind could perhaps process information better with …
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Childhood milestones and older children on the autistic spectrum
Brownsville Herald
They discovered he was a high functioning child on the autism spectrum with the label of Aspergers. To help Ishmael cope with changes, his new teacher …
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Autism Study Examines Genetic Link
ATLANTA — Bill and Cammi Jones of Atlanta are taking part in national study to help pinpoint the cause of their son’s autism. “We were very interested at …
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Growing up with autism
Tuscaloosa News
By Ashley Boyd Staff writer For young adults living with autism, life is anything but simple. The challenges that children with autism, a neurological …
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Trump decides winner for ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
The Associated Press
But runner-up Peete was a winner as well, learning that her charity for autism would receive the same amount of money. Michaels’ appearance on the finale, …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

A Child’s Autism Diagnosis Does Not Guarantee a Failed Marriage
A popular belief that 80 percent of marriages land in divorce court when a child in the family has autism may not be true according to a new study.
Suite101: Special Needs Parenting… –

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Lost in The Shadows of Autism …
By Autism Reality NB
“These new findings shed light on the sensory abnormalities that accompany and possibly even help cause autism, the researchers said … in autistic children, the presence of shadows — either matching or not matching the objects …
Facing Autism in New Brunswick –

Simple Tips on Increasing Your Autism Awareness | autisable
Whether or not you have a family member or friend with a child with autism, it is still important to increase your awareness in your daily life. There may be public situations involving autistic children, and this helpful advice can …
autisable’s Autisable –

Parenting For Him: Autism and Your Marriage
By Alter-ego
Brian Freedman, lead author of the study and clinical director of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute, found that 64 per cent of children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) belong to a family …
Parenting For Him –

Careers With Autistic Children – Child Autism And Transition To …
By valeri
Careers With Autistic ChildrenWhen contemplating the subject of autism and transitioning to adulthood, many parents of autistic children can.
Articles –

Google Web Alert for: autism

Autism Families: High Divorce Rate Is a Myth – MedicineNet …
May 19, 2010 — Parents of autistic children often hear that the divorce rate in families with autism is 80%, but a new study debunks that figure as a myth. …

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