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Snapshot | Google Alert – autism | Circa May 24, 2010

Google Alert – autism
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Mon, May 24, 2010, 9:34 PM

Google News Alert for: autism

New York Times
British Medical Council Bars Doctor Who Linked Vaccine With Autism
New York Times
By JOHN F. BURNS LONDON — A doctor whose research and public statements caused widespread alarm that a common childhood vaccine could cause autism was …
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Scanning Babies for Autism
Wall Street Journal
By SHIRLEY S. WANG By taking scans of sleeping children, researchers are discovering what occurs in the brains of babies and young children with autism. …
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Delaying childhood vaccinations does not improve children’s health, study finds
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Now that the thimerosal-autism link has been thoroughly discredited, some autism advocates argue that neurodevelopmental problems are caused by overloading …
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Free autism book giveaway
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Fifty thousand free copies of the book “Autism Tomorrow: The Complete Guide to Help Your Child Thrive in the Real World” are available on a …
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Wakefield vows to continue vaccine-autism research
Boston Globe
Stripped today of his license to practice medicine, Dr. Andrew Wakefield — whose 1998 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine and autism led millions of …
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Controversial autism doc: ‘I’m not going away’
By Michael Inbar The doctor who suggested a possible link between childhood vaccines and autism stands by his theory and said on Monday that he will …
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Gender might have everything to do with autism, British researcher says
Montreal Gazette
Children who fail these three key indicators are the ones likely to be diagnosed with autism or its relative, Aspergers Syndrome, the high-functioning end …
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
LOUIS, MO (May 24, 2010) – Edgewood Children’s Center, a leading provider of day treatment and educational services to children with autism spectrum …
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Lawmakers meet with parents, experts on autism insurance reform at EMU forum
“It’s the most unbelievable roller coaster,” said Unumb, senior policy advisor and counsel for Autism Speaks, an advocacy group based in Washington, …
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St. Mary’s, Showplace Cinemas offer free movie for children with autism
Evansville Courier & Press
By Staff Report St. Mary’s Center for Children and Showplace Cinemas will offer free admission for children with autism at Showplace Cinemas South, …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Science-Based Medicine » Autism One: The yearly antivaccine autism …
By David Gorski
Of all the fake scientific conferences out there, Autism One in Chicago, which begins today, far eclipses all the others, including even Barbara Loe Fisher’s National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) conference. …
Science-Based Medicine –

Infertility and Autism Stirrup Queens
By Lollipopgoldstein
I mean, as you (and Momlogic) point out, is it the drugs that cause autism, or is it egg and/or sperm quality issues? Is it in absence of age-related factors? Is it the actual process of what happens to the embryos in the IVF process, …
Stirrup Queens –

The ‘Autism Doctor’ Isn’t a Doctor Anymore. Does It Matter? – The …
By Mary Carmichael
To say that his autism study was discredited isn’t strong enough. Wakefield apparently lied about the young patients he reported on in his paper; his descriptions of their conditions didn’t match up with records kept on file at his …
Newsweek Blogs –

Autism Mythmaker Banned In Britain – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine
By Ronald Bailey
In January the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council ruled that physician Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 research allegedly linking autism to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) was conducted “dishonestly and irresponsibly. …
Hit & Run –

UK doctor who claimed link between autism and measles vaccine can …
By Maria Cheng
In 1998, Wakefield and colleagues published a study alleging a link between autism and the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. Most of the study’s authors renounced its conclusions and it was retracted by the journal in February. …
Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts)… –

Google Web Alert for: autism

Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine – Yahoo! News
A doctor who persuaded millions of parents worldwide that a common vaccine could cause autism was barred from practicing medicine in his native Britain on ……/eu_britain_autism_doctor

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