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Google Alert – autism
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Jan 30, 2010, 8:29 PM

Google News Alert for: autism
Andrew Wakefield found to have Acted Unethically in Autism Study
Vaccines and Autism have sparked many to wonder about a link, despite numerous studies showing none. AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darren Calabrese With a …
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State to close Pomona center for disabled
San Jose Mercury News
Lanterman is home to about 400 people with disabilities including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Down syndrome and autism. Officials say a planning team will …
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Dallas Morning News
Autistic girl to get another round of horse therapy
Dallas Morning News
Background: Ten-year-old Alexis Diaz cannot talk, bathe or feed herself because of her severe autism. But the Duncanville girl, who also lost one eye to …
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Developing Talents: Temple Grandin’s Career Advice for People with Autism
PR Web (press release)
The book, released in an expanded and updated edition in 2008, is an imprint of Autism Asperger Publishing Co. (, a leading publisher of …
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Islwyn MP’s plea for autism help
South Wales Argus
THE Government must fulfil its commitment to adults living with autism, by supporting the development of an effective Adult Autism Strategy, says a Gwent MP …
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Ex-pro wrestler returns to ring to pin autism
This Sunday at Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, Cicero will team up with the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance to host the “Jimmy Cicero Bodyslam Autism Show. …
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American Autism Foundation to hold event in Craig Park
Tampa Tribune
By Mark Schantz | The Suncoast News TARPON SPRINGS – The locally based American Autism Foundation will debut what could become a series of family parties in …
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Kansas City Star
Kyle Weafer a semifinalist for the Rudy Award
Kansas City Star
Kyle Weafer, a Blue Valley Northwest student with Autism abruptly announced last spring that he wanted to play football for the team. …
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Smarter tours Kg Ayer
Brunei News, Brunei Headlines from Brunei fm
A community Adaptation programme organised by the Brunei Autism Centre for Adults under Smarter Brunei went in full swing yesterday. …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism Website –
By w_grace
Hello, My name is William, I have started a Autism Website to help with my wife find friend and other people to talk to about Autism. If any of you know any sites about Autism or run any, I would like. –

Autism and the MMR Vaccine « Philip Alcabes
By Philip Alcabes
Anti vaccine autism advocates continue to see Wakefield as a hero who remains willing to take on the establishment and fight for their children. In the meantime, Wakefield’s actions have had a lasting negative effect on children’s …
Philip Alcabes –

Autism Activities For Children | Snipsly
By Autism Children
This would possibly tell what autism is all about. It is a very public neural disorder moving millions of people all over the world. Social interaction is impaired as well as communication. Studies show that parents generally detect …
Snipsly –

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Dr. Eric Fombonne and Dr. Nancy J …
By Autism Reality NB
After years of sitting back and hoping the science would speak for itself, the director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Excellence in Autism Research has decided it’s time for her to take a personal stand. …
Facing Autism in New Brunswick –

Autism is not Boundary – See Popular People with Autism |
By admin
Did you know the fact that autism affects approximately 6 out of every 1000 people? Those numbers are actually staggering when you think about how much they.

Damning verdict on doctor who linked MMR and autism – health – 29 …
Twelve years after claiming that the vaccine might cause autism, Andrew Wakefield is closer than ever to being banned from practising as a doctor.
MMR/Autism Doctor Acted ‘Dishonestly,’ ‘Irresponsibly’

The British doctor who led a study suggesting a link between the measles/mumps/ rubella vaccine and autism acted.
Autism and the Wii Fit
Do you think I’m just wishing and hoping, or is it possible that a video game is teaching my son with autism new skills – and opening new doors to social ..

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