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#QuackWatch | Screens | Family Helm Health Center in Porterville, California

  • Our goal is simple: to help as many people as possible in our community that have a desire to learn how their body functions.  Through education help you to”Take Charge of Your Health”…  one person at a time.

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There are MUST SEE

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Popular Programs

A great learning experience.  I’ve had so much more energy and my mind along with my body feels fresh and clean.  My Mother and Father along with my two children ate the meals with me.  The food tasted so much better.  I was a skeptic at first, but it truly haschanged my way of thinking and way of “eating to live” not “living to eat”.  

​                                               Vanessa  

Nutrition Workshops; Digestive Challenges and Gut Healing for our young at heart enthusiasts


Our Staff

“Mineral Lite”, “Enzyme Race” and “Duodenal Volcano” for our young enthusiasts.

Sylvia J. Harral, M.Ed. Owner and Founder.  She has over 40 years of teaching experience of  all ages.   After studying with many doctors in the natural health field, she tactfully blends analogies and humor to open our awareness of cellular body functions. 

Joyceline Villasana, RN

ADN at Jan Jaciato College in Pasadena Texas

Graduated 2003.  Twelve years experience working in ICU, Rehab, Geriatrics and Medical Surgery unit

Jamie Nemecek, BA – Administrative Officer 

Jamie is the primary support at Family HELM.  She is working on special projects for the BASE Restoration program.   

Through education, we empower our community to “Take Charge of Their Health.”

NEW…..  Assessments

​We now offer assessments that take only 10 minutes to complete and you receive the results immediately!

Joyceline Villasana, RN uses HealthStat point-of-care Professional Assessments (Urine & Saliva) that help to assess levels of inflammation, immune function, digestive disorders and much much more.

See Below


  • Nutritional Defense
  • Fat-Burning 101
  • Inflamation – Got Pain?
  • Eliminate Sugar Cravings
  • Bowel Cleanse
  • Food Label Reading
  • Many More​


Consulting & Assessments

​Sylvia Harral M.Ed., N.C. and Nutritional Educator Joyceline Villasana, RN are available for personal consultations, and wellness assessments.

A short list of Products

​Celtic Sea Salt

Virgin Coconut Oil and moisturizing cream – Baby Silk

Specialty Protein Powders

Essential Oils

​Nutritional Consultant Supported Supplements​

Bone Broth and broth bones – grass fed

Popular Programs

“Mineral Lite”, “Enzyme Race” and “Duodenal Volcano” for our young enthusiasts.

Initial Visit $75.00 includes all assessments and analysis.  All follow-up appointments $50.00

Nutrition Workshops; Digestive Challenges and Healthy Cooking classes for the young at heart enthusiasts.

Products Listed At Optmal Health Systems …

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