#QuackWatch | Profile: Sylvia Harral, Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical & Family Helm Health

Sylvia Harral

In Short …

Sylvia Harral M.Ed. N.C. is Owner and Founder of Family Helm Health, CEO of non-profit organization Family Health Education for Lifestyle Mangement Association Inc., executive at Golden Sunrise Nutraceuticals, teaches at Porterville college and is a health column contributor to Porterville Recorder.

On June 11, 2020: FBI conducted a search warrant on Golden Sunrise Nutraceuticals.

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The Latest …

Another rally held in support of Golden Sunrise | News | recorderonline.com

On Saturday morning, Tieu supporters and those who take GSN products gathered at Centennial Park on Main Street, before marching to the company’s headquarters at 9 a.m. While walking, participants encouraged those driving by to honk their horns by waving their signs as the vehicles passed.  “We put together a march to allow locals to …

#QuackWatch: Protesters support arrested doctor | News | recorderonline.com

  In lieu of the arrest of Huu Tieu, the President and CEO of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, a group of protesters gathered on Friday hoping to grab the attention of Congressman Devin Nunes, whose office is located above the Bank of the Sierra on the corner of Main Street and Church Street in VIsalia. Nearly …

#QuackWatch | Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical Website

Supplement Virus Treatment EMERGENCY D-Virus Plan of Care Cellular Therapy Supplemental Virus Treatment “Will strengthen your immune system to help fight off any virus” Alternative Virus Treatment “Where traditional medicine has not yielded the best results, turn to Alternative Virus Treatment.  This products and treatments will bolster your immune system, and allow you to heal …


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In Their Own Words:

Sylvia J. HARRAL

My name is Sylvia HARRAL, I have been taking Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products off and on for about three years now. On November 22, 2015, I was involved in a horrendous car accident and was airlifted to the FRESNO CALIFORNIA trauma center.

My injuries included an epidural bleed, a dissected carotid artery, five broken areas of my lower jaw and one in my upper jaw, torn ligaments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae, a fracture of my C7 vertebrae, eight broken rids and a punctured and a collapsed left lung, a severely broken right wrist and left ankle, a minor break of the right tibia. During the thirteen hours in the emergency room, I flat lined for three minutes and was given Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

I was intubated and the respirator breathed for me for a few days until I gradually began to breathe on my own. Within a week, I was stabilized enough to spent two days in surgery for jaw and broken bone repair. One week later, I moved out of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). After one week of further recovery, I moved to rehab for two weeks and was discharged. The hospital in FRESNO medical staff continually commented on my rapid improvement.

I am so grateful for the thousands of prayers that went up on my behalf and for the overall health benefits from Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products. I saw the effects first hand when my blood pressure moved away from flat-line forty up to fifty-five within five minutes after taking Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products.

My blood oxygen level also climbed from ninety to ninety-nine within minutes of taking the Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products. Minimal blood loss was demonstrated in the lung drainage and suction tubes. When we understand our body’s natural functions and how the Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products supports those functions, we get a glimpse of the miraculous potential for us individually and as a Nation.

As published by Porterville Recorder:

Coach Sylvia Harral has been a very popular health instructor for over 15 years. She teaches Country Western line dancing for the Crack O’ Dawn Dancers, and is CEO of the non-profit organization Family Health Education for Lifestyle Management Association Inc. (HELM) at 379 N. Hockett St. in Porterville.

The purpose of this non-profit organization is to educate children in this community along with their parents and families to help slow down the obesity statistic that’s happening in our town. (In Business News, March 9, 2010, Visalia/Porterville ranked second in the top 10 most-obese metropolitan areas, according to Gallup).

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