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174,000 people agree that the anti-Autistic trolls I encountered this morning are wrong. Who’d have guessed? It’s an anti-Autistic world. I’ll put some screenshots in the comments!”

The Autistic Avenger

The Autistic neurotype is a natural part of Human Neurodiversity.

We generally prefer the term “Autistic” to “having autism”. It is not something we can pick up and put down (nor have removed!)

Functioning labels (such as High and Low) are damaging and refer only to how autism affects you, not me.

We won’t “grow out” of being Autistic. Autistic children grow up to become Autistic adults.

Autism manifests differently in different people. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, as do you.

A non-Autistic person who interacts with Autistic people has not experienced being Autistic.

If you want to know about autism, ask us. We can be GREAT at self-advocating! Search the hashtags: #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics

We wish you’d see us outside the medical disability model. We may show or feel things differently but our traits aren’t inherently negative.

Stimming is positive. When we move our bodies in ways that feel good, we are balancing our nervous system.

We may not hit milestones at the Neurotypically – expected stage, but that doesn’t mean we won’t live fulfilling lives !

Parents, please talk about your Autistic children with respect. We are not a burden, parental ignorance is.

We do not want or need an “awareness” month, just #AutismAcceptance (and #AutismAppreciation!)

“Light it up blue” & the puzzle piece symbol are offensive !!! They represent Autism Speaks, a corporation that sees autism as a commodity and a “problem” to be cured. The gold or rainbow infinity symbol are preferred by nearly all Autistics (Gold = Autistic / Rainbow = Neurodiversity), online polls continuously show.

#ProudlyAutistic #PeopleNotPuzzles #HappyHands #FunctioningLabelsHarm #BanABA #EndQuackery #PFLkills #AutisticNotABurden #HaltAutismSpeaks #HaltTACA #SmashAbleism

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