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Snapshot | Google Alert – autism | Circa July 28, 2008

Google Alert – autism
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Mon, Jul 28, 2008, 9:42 AM

Google News Alert for: autism

Protests in San Francisco Over Autism Remarks Made by Savage on Radio
eFluxMedia – USA
By Diane Smith Parents with autistic children, politicians and other people interested in the issue gathered on Sunday in front of a San Francisco radio to …
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Autism Advocates Rally Against Radio Host
This, after the shock jock blamed the behavioral problems associated with autism on parents who fail to discipline their children. …
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Row over autism home closure
News Wales – Knighton,UK
Denbighshire council and Welsh Education Minister Jane Hutt have clashed over the closure of a Denbighshire home for autistic children. …
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New York Autism Specialist Enlists Technology to Empower Parents …
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
“People need to know that Autism is NOT a mental disorder that is genetic and therefore untreatable. It is a biochemical and neurological problem that can …
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Province shortchanging families of autism: survey
Sudbury Star – Sudbury,Ontario,Canada
Most city residents think the Ontario government could be doing more to help the province’s autistic children and their families, an informal Sudbury Star …
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Lunch raises cash for Autism Speaks
Henley Standard – Henley,UK
The event was a sparkling charity lunch in aid of Autism Speaks, the only UK charity raising funds for research into the causes of autism. …
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Council hits backs over decision to close autism centre
Your Vale – Vale of Clwyd News – Vale of Clwyd,UK
Denbighshire council has hit back at a Welsh minister’s criticism of its controversial choice to close an autistic children’s home in Denbigh. …
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SF protest against Savage’s autism remarks
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Parents of children with autism, along with politicians and other protesters, convened Sunday in front of a San Francisco radio station and renewed calls …
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Autism, Michael Savage and Dolthood
Salem-News.Com – OR,USA
When I heard on television news that this dolt pontificating that Autism was the result of bad parenting, I nearly threw-up. This totally absurd ranting was …
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Autistic Kids Can Interact Easily
Oneindia – Tamilnadu,India
Experts at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering are studying interactions of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

St. Amant and the Need for a REAL National Autism Strategy
By Autism Reality NB(Autism Reality NB)
In Autism treatment attracts family CTV reports the story of two doctors, Dr. Leif Sigurdson, a reconstructive surgeon, and his wife Dr. Leanne van Amstel, a radiologist. who are moving their family from Nova Scotia to Winnipeg so that …
Facing Autism in New Brunswick –

Brain Connections and Social Impairment in Autism
By Margie Wagner
A research team led by Elizabeth Aylward, a University of Washington professor of radiology, report that brains of adults with autism are “wired” differently from people without the disorder. The researchers, who are affiliated with the …
Child Development Media Blog –

Towards a neuroanatomy of autism: A systematic review and meta …
Description: BackgroundStructural brain abnormalities have been described in autism but studies are often small and contradictory. We aimed to identify which brain regions can reliably be regarded as different in autism compared to …
2collab public bookmarks –

What Can Dr. Jay Gordon, Pediatrician, Tell Us About Autism …
By Do’C
In formulating a response, please keep in mind that the numbers you presented are for all autism spectrum disorders (which were not even all acknowledged in terms of diagnosis until well into the 1990’s. Also, please keep in mind that …
Autism Street –

Autism and Spectrums: Benefit of Scalp Acupuncture
By duanesherry
From Vitasearch: Summary# 46133 Topic: Scalp Acupuncture May Improve Language Development in Children with Autism Keywords: AUTISM, AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER, LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT, NEURODEVELOPMENT DISORDER – Acupuncture, …
Discover and Recover –

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