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Snapshot | Google Alert – autism | Circa July 13, 2008

Google Alert – autism
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Jul 13, 2008, 8:53 AM

Google News Alert for: autism

Gene Research Heightens Hope for Curing Autism
eFluxMedia – USA
By Anna Boyd US researchers have found six new genes involved in autism. More exactly, they found that these genes are responsible for new brain connections …
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Donna Glick: Thanks for article on how autism affect families
The Capital Times – Madison,WI,USA
I thought it was a nice article on the struggles of families that have children with autism. I am a mom with a child with autism. …
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Autism camp helps students keep pace
Georgetown News Graphic – Georgetown,KY,USA
By JEFF KERR The Scott County Schools held its Camp TLC for autistic children for the second year at Southern Elementary School, and 28 children are …
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Study of ‘sluggish’ gene provides clues into genetics behind autism – USA
Now, Jonathan, who is autistic, has grasped those skills and spent time playing with typically developing preschool classmates. “With a lot of children with …
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HSBC supports parents of children with Autism
Times of Malta – Valletta,Malta
Kate Gonzi, chairman of the HSBC Cares for Children Fund, presents a cheque to Francesco Depasquale, chairman of the Malta Autism and Aspergers Parents’ …
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State’s schools lack cohesive plan for autism
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
“Make no mistake – Jonah is clearly severely impacted by his autism,” said his grandfather Marv Kasoff of San Francisco. “But it turns out that he is bright …
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Along autism spectrum, personalities contrast
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Yet they are connected in a fundamental way: Both are diagnosed on the autism spectrum, where emotions are often elusive. “They don’t know how other people …
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Bikers Ride to Cure Autism
WDTV – Bridgeport,WV,USA
High gas prices didn’t stop motorcycle enthusiasts from riding 110 miles in support of autism awareness. The Intermountain newspaper’s first annual “Autism …
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Autism Genes Are Linked to Early Learning
io9 – San Francisco,CA,USA
Most studies of autism link it to genetics. The condition is often referred to as the “geek syndrome” because some studies have shown a high incidence of …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Ad Council increasing autism awareness
By Sullivan
I am sure we could have a nice lively debate about how much fear was used in the ad council campaign which focused on the “odds” of a child being diagnosed with autism. But, their background research was indicating that the fear …
Left Brain/Right Brain –

Researchers Find Genes Linked to Autism
By admin
Researchers have discovered up to 6 new gene mutations that could help explain autism. For the study, which is published in the Journal Science, researchers studied 100 families prone to autism, finding a host of abnormalities in genes …
Chatter Shmatter – Health and… –

By Kim Stagliano
(Managing Editor’s Note: Many of you will know Michele from the Autism Every Day documentary. She also runs a Yahoo list for families with three or more children on the spectrum. There are far too many members. She might balk…
AGE OF AUTISM – (note: fyi this an antivaxxer bleachcult site pushing quackery for years now.)

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 – Autism Support Group in Whitby
Autism Support Group in Whitby: a free service of Autism Ontario – Durham Regionmeets at 7:30 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every monthNEXT MEETING: 7:30 pm, Wednesday, June 18, 2008 1450 Hopkins Street , Unit 105, Whitby at BCTS Inc. …
events durham region – All Events –

By megasonic
Autism has a rate of about 1 per every couple hundred births, and yet I had never known or seen anyone with a confirmed case until I volunteered at a pediatriac emergency ward. New research gives more hope for better treatments and …
Megasonic’s Weblog –

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