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FEAT-FMC Newsletter Message

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As Autism becomes more and more prevalent, (1 of 150 in children), FEAT is getting more requests

for the names of Dentists, Pediatricians, Optometrist and so on that have experience with children with autism. Feat is not in the business of medical referrals, however if you have a professional that has been especially helpful to your child with autism, please share those people with the rest of the Autism Community. When FEAT reissues the next “Parent Resource Book” we will be happy to include the names submitted to us as a source of information for all. There are a lot of qualified professionals providing services but you know that it takes a special person to deal with your precious child with autism. Please take the time to respond if you have a Medical or Service Provider that displays this special quality at .

Have you set aside some time next Tuesday,

August 19 at the Children’s Hospital Room 140A

6:00pm to 8:00pm for the screening of


Journeys Through the Autism Spectrum and Back

After the movie experts from C.A.R.D. will be
available to answer questions about the where’s

The refreshments are on us you need only to R.S.V.P. Ph. # (559) 232-9094

If at the last minute someone wants to attend feel free to bring them

For September’s Parent Resource Meeting we will be bringing back an old friend of Families with children with Autism. Bobby Coulburn from Exceptional Parents Unlimited is going to delve into the depths of Special Education. Bobby is totally unselfish when it comes to sharing her experiences in dealing with the subject of I.E.P.s

As a reminder don’t forget to visit the Cam Twisters Car Show on Saturday September 20th “On The Roof” at the RiverPark Shopping Center. Don’t come alone. Bring your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. The Car Show is free but there will be ample raffles and drawings to help funding for FEAT and it’s many activities including the big goal of opening an After School Center for Autism in the Fresno area.

FEAT-FMC would also like to thank the 5,300 subscribers to this News Letter and their support for the efforts of FEAT on behalf of the Autism Community. This News Letter goes out to all of the United States and Mexico and Canada along with our Troops in the Middle East. Many foreign countries not only receive this News Letter but the FEAT tracking statistics shows a high activity or hits on the FEAT web site. Often Families feel they are alone and stranded in the sea of Autism. FEAT is that life vest or port in the storm. Feat has assisted in I.E.P.s and hearings at the Regional Center. If FEAT can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact FEAT at

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