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Google Alert – autism

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Google News Alert for: autism

All Cancer’s support group, Autism Therapeutic Intervention 
Explore Howard County – Ellicott City,MD,USA
Autism Therapeutic Intervention Program — For children through age 21. Monday through Friday, 3-7:30 pm The Center for Social Change, 6600 Amberton Drive, 
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St. Paul Police Searching for Missing Teen with Autism
FOX 9 News – Minneapolis,MN,USA
Police in St. Paul are asking for public help in finding a missing teen with autism. Mari Zambrano walked away from her home on the 1400 block of York 
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Cross-country run raising awareness of autism;
Peterborough Examiner – Peterborough,Ontario,Canada
Howard is running across Canada to raise money and awareness for autism. He’s about 3000 kilometres into his journey across the nation, and shows no signs 
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Exploring the minds of children
Calgary Herald – AB, Canada
The call is out to bring to light more answers about such mysteries as how children perceive sarcasm, early autism behaviours, and how children form 
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Exploring autism
Bangkok Post – Thailand
Raising a child is never an easy task for any parent, and the task is much harder for those with an autistic child. Chatpirat Bansanthia, 43, quit her job 
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Fringe autism treatment could get federal study
Chicago Defender – IL, United States
by Carla K. Johnson Pressured by desperate parents, government researchers are pushing to test an unproven treatment on autistic children, 
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Autism May Not Be As Common As Media Would Have You Believe
Tampa Tribune – Tampa,FL,USA
BY THOMAS SOWELL “New Ways to Diagnose Autism Earlier” read a recent headline in the Wall Street Journal. There is no question that you can diagnose 
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Dogs work ‘magic’ on kids with autism
That’s how Karen Shirk explains the ability of service dogs to help children suffering from autism. “I’m sure there’s some sort of scientific explanation,” 
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Autism center may receive federal money (subscription) – Youngstown,OH,USA
The Rich Center for Autism could get $100000 in federal money for fiscal year 2009 to start a new program. In a written statement about the Rich Center for 
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Autism advocates praise La. law requiring coverage
KATC – Lafayette,LA,USA
Autism advocates on Wednesday praised a new Louisiana law that forces employers to offer health insurance covering treatment of the disability. 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Health insurance coverage: key to unlocking Autism’s prison cell
By Esther Cepeda
That’s autism with a capital “A” for the parents of the 26000 autistic kids in Illinois who hope state lawmakers will give them a shot at “normalcy” by requiring insurance companies to pay up to $36000 a year for occupational, physical, 
“600 words by Esther J. Cepeda” –

Legal Bombshell in Autism Omnibus Proceeding!
By Guest Blogger
In what can only be described as a legal bombshell, the Petitioners in the Autism Omnibus hearings seemingly withdrew four of its highest profile experts to support the various claims that say that vaccines cause autism
Left Brain/Right Brain –

Welcome To Autism Resources
By admin
Thanks for visiting Autism Resources. We have taken the time to organize information that can help you to learn more about Autism. If you’re looking for Autism information in general, be it articles, news, treatment, therapy or help, 
Autism Resources –

Autism and the Gut
By virginiahughes
Stomach upsets are among the most frequent and puzzling symptoms of autism. About 70% of children with autism have gastrointestinal problems throughout their lives, including frequent abdominal pain, constipation and vomiting, 
Virginia Hughes –

Will Purging Metals Cure Autism?
By MrsH
Many concerned parents of Autistic children are rejoicing as US health officials finally advocate a treatment for Autism called chelation. The treatment’s goal is to purge metals from the patient’s body. 
Babies Online The Blog –

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