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Sun, Jun 15, 2008, 4:37 AM

Google News Alert for: autism

Stanley Fish:
Dallas Morning News – Dallas,TX,USA
A genetic difference is often adaptive and can be regarded as an advance in the evolutionary process; it is well-known that autism sometimes brings with it …
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Goatees sprout in Frankfort autism effort
Journal and Courier – Lafayette,IN,USA
These city leaders and service workers are raising money for Autism Speaks, a fundraising effort started by Frankfort patrol officer Rob Hession. …
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Special dads for special kids
Houston Chronicle – United States
After all, Scott’s knowledge of autism at the time of his son’s diagnosis was what he saw in the 1988 movie Rain Man. He thought of a person who memorized …
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A new twist on autism education
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Noah, 8, has autism. He is among the 1 in 150 children who, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are marked by the neurological …
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A San Jacinto mother desperately seeks help for an autistic son …
Press-Enterprise – Riverside,CA,USA
Nicholas’ behavior is dismissed by some as a complication of his autism, but his mother thinks there is mental illness, too. Robin Dooley is desperate. …
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Daniel’s legacy
Malaysia Star – Malaysia
I was the father of a child who suffered profound brain injuries which caused a mixture of symptoms – some of quadriplegic cerebral palsy and some of autism …
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Pittsburg Morning Sun – Pittsburg,KS,USA
For more information, contact Meadowbrook Mall at (620) 231-9240 or log onto n Next Thursday and Friday, the 2008 Kansas Autism …
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

By Kim Stagliano
Happy Father’s Day to the Dads who’ve stuck by their kids and their wives. To the single Dads who work overtime for their children. To the Grandfathers who donate their time and money and knowledge to help their grandchildren. To…

Treating Autism with DMG
There is strong anecdotal evidence supporting the use of DMG for the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders.
Suite101: Health & Wellness Articles –

Faces of Autism
By Susan(Susan)
This video was the project of a Lane Community College photojournalism student. I happen to be particularly fond of it because it contains frequent appearances by a certain handsome young man 🙂 . AUTISM – It’s not like you think.
Autistic Conjecture of the Day –

For the Fathers…
By S.L.(S.L.)
Fathers typically get a bad rap in the autism community. They are stereotyped as being distant, unable to handle the autism diagnosis, and often removed from the day to day care of their autistic child. We hear of an 80% divorce rate …
Stop. Think. Autism. –

long night
I’ve been MIA, end of school, IEP, and such. Little one is still up, almost 2 am. Thankfully I am a night owl. will update more, now that summer break is in full effect! Happy Father’s Day all!
Autism Parents Every Day –

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