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Families for Effective Autism Treatment-Fresno Madera Counties

Children’s Hospital Central California 9300 Valley Children’s Place Madera Rm 140A
Tuesday June 24 6:00pm to 7:30pm

The June Parent Resource Meeting involves the Madera County Sheriff Department’s
“Operation Lost and Found”
MaderaCounty Sheriff
John Anderson
Sergeant Jim Bernardi
Madera County Sheriff Department

A parent’s worst nightmare is the thought of loosing tract of their precious child. Add to that scenario a nonverbal child that does not respond to his/her name and even heaven forbid a regimen of required medication.
Sgt Jim Bernardi is going to explain the “Operation Lost and Found” program that uses an electronic tracking device that is attached to children with autism that have a propensity to escape the confines of their home or supervision.

There are limitations to the program, but it is one more layer of safety for our children with autism. Stop by and see if this program will work for you.

The Cam Twisters Car Club is hosting the third annual “On the roof” car show at the River Park Shopping Center on the top level of the parking structure. FEAT-FMC has raised almost half of the necessary funds to start an “After School Center” thanks to the generosity of the Cam Twisters. FEAT-FMC is aggressively searching for a civic minded Corporation or benefactor to match our hard earned dollars so that a non-profit training center for children with autism can have a center based alternative to under funded public schools or expensive private treatment providers. Save this date September 20, 2008 for the Car Show.
The Parent Resource Meetings are free and open to the public thanks to dedicated experts in the field of autism. They provide professional advice and recommendations while they share their expertise and experiences. For additional information contact Chuck

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