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Snapshot | About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: What’s Up in the Autism World? | Circa March 17, 2008

About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: What’s Up in the Autism World?

Lisa Jo Rudy – Autism / Spectrum Disorders Guide
Mon, Mar 17, 2008, 6:41 AM
to me Autism / Spectrum Disorders

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from Lisa Jo Rudy

As of today, I will be publishing two newsletters a week.
On Monday, you’ll read about news, events, and research findings. You’ll see invitations to offer advice, join conversations, and tell your stories. On Thursday, the newsletter will focus on a topic in autism, introduce new articles and sections, and provide in-depth coverage of areas of particular concern to the autism community.

In the Spotlight

Time Magazine’s Article on Autism, Vaccines and Public Health Could Have a Significant Impact on Pediatric Medicine
When Time Magazine talks, people listen. That’s why this week’s story, “Case Study: Autism and Vaccines,” is drawing attention, raising concerns, and perhaps pushing forward the notion that autism and vaccines could be linked…read more

             More Topics

April 2 Is Autism World Awareness Day
New Publication for and By People with Autism
Autism Self-Advocate Addresses the IACC
CNN Wants Your Stories and Questions About Autism
Autism 101
What Is Autism?
Is My Child Autistic?

Jenny McCarthy Calls for the Resignation of the Director of the CDC. Will You Answer Her Call to Action?
Jenny McCarthy has officially become a political activitist — with a very clear-cut agenda. In an open letter to the autism community, she exhorts parents and autism groups to call for the resignation of the Director of the CDC…read more

Federal Ruling on Vaccination and Autism Makes Headlines
The Vaccine Court has ruled that, in at least one case, vaccines “aggravated” an underlying mitochondrial disorder, causing “autism like” symptoms. What does it all mean to the autism community? read more

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