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Snapshot | About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: Vaccine Court and Your Child with Autism | Circa March 11, 2008

About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: Vaccine Court and Your Child with Autism

Lisa Jo Rudy – Autism / Spectrum Disorders Guide
Tue, Mar 11, 2008, 9:16 AM
to me Autism / Spectrum Disorders

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from Lisa Jo Rudy

Last week, the federal Vaccine Court settled with a family that claimed a connection between their child’s “autism-like” symptoms and vaccinations. Though this was an unusual case (the child had underlying mitochondrial disease), many parents are wondering what this event may mean to them. Here are some answers!

In the Spotlight
Autism and the Vaccine Court
Thousands of families are presently involved in an “Omnibus” case involving autism and vaccines. Nine test cases will help the court decide whether other families are entitled to damages. This Q&A with a lawyer for many of these families explains the Vaccine Court and its function.

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Will Vaccine Trials Bring Big Cash Settlements?
This article, which includes an interview with journalist David Kirby, looks at the question of possible settlements from the Vaccine Court.

Can You Take Part in the Vaccine Trials?
A lawyer for the families answers questions about who can join the suit.

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