Snapshot | About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: Are Your Child’s Autism Treatments Working? | Circa April 24, 2007

About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: Are Your Child’s Autism Treatments Working?

Lisa Jo Rudy – Autism / Spectrum Disorders Guide
Tue, Apr 24, 2007, 9:59 AM
to me Autism / Spectrum Disorders

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from Lisa Jo Rudy

If you’re like most parents of a child with autism, you’re managing a truckload of expert therapists, teachers and doctors. Each expert has his or her own approach, and it’s up to you to figure out which approaches are really working for your child. This week, new articles offer tips on how to assess the value of your child’s treatments – and how to know when it’s time to try something new.

In the Spotlight
Placebo Effect and Autism Treatments
You’ve started a new treatment for your child, and you’re sure this is the right choice. You’re pretty sure you see improvement – at least for a little while. But is the improvement real – or is it wishful thinking?

             More Topics

Starting Your Autistic Child on a Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet
BBC America Presents a True Story of an Autistic Boy and His Dog
Nickelodeon to Air News Program on Kids and Autism
Earth Day and Autism
Free E- Course on Autism Spectrum Disorders
E-Course: Hope and Help for Parents of Children with Autism
Symptoms of Autism

Which Autism Treatments Are Working?
Your child’s skills are improving – but why? Is it the speech therapy? The new diet? The ABA? Here are some tips for assessing the effectiveness of new therapies, so you can maximize your child’s growth while minimizing personal and financial stress

Tips for Trying New Treatments for Autism
There are very few “officially approved” autism treatments, and those may not be appropriate for your child. That means you, the parent, may wind up making decisions about which new treatments to try. Here are guidelines for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of new treatments for your child’s autism.

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