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Study Finds Early Intervention for Autism Highly Effective

Combining applied behavioral analysis teaching methods with developmental ‘relationship-based’ approaches, a novel early intervention program – the Early Start Denver Model – has been found to be effective in improving IQ, language ability, and social interaction in very young children with autism.

Community Connections: Autism and the Holidays

This time of year can be stressful and over-stimulating for anyone, but particularly for individuals with autism and their families. This month’s Community Connections offers tips, gift ideas, videos, and more to help increase families’ enjoyment of the season.

This Holiday Season, Please Support Our Sponsors

This holiday season, as you are making your gift purchases, please remember companies who support Autism Speaks: Toys”R”UsT.J. Maxx and Zales

Successful and Fun Walk Season Comes to a Close

The final Walk of 2009 was held Saturday in Las Vegas, ending a very successful season. In 2009 more than 320,000 volunteers and supporters from around North America and England raised more than $23 million through 80 Walk Now for Autism Speaks events. The Walks not only serve as a grassroots fundraising effort but also bring the community together for a day of fun and festivities. Check out the recaps of our fall Walks here.

IACC 2008 Summary of Advances in Autism Research Selects Autism Speaks’ Funded Research

As mandated by the Combating Autism Act, which was passed by Congress in 2006, the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) recently released its 2008 IACC Summary of Advances highlighting 37 significant studies on autism spectrum disorders, including many funded by Autism Speaks.

Join Autism Speaks and Rethink Autism For a Free Webinar

Autism Speaks in partnership with rethink autism will present a free live webinar, What You Need to Know, an orientation for parents and family members of children recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The webinar, which takes place on December 9 and 15, will be hosted by Lisa Goring, director of Family Services at Autism Speaks, and Dr. Bridget A. Taylor, senior clinical advisor at rethink autism. Watch a preview and register for a webinar today.  

Free Penguin Family Available at Online Store

When you give, you also receive! Spend $25 or more in the Autism Speaks online store* and get a FREE Plush Penguin Family with your order from now through December 25, 2009.

*offer good on all except Specialty Items 

 In Their Own Words: Cheese-less Pizza 

A mother shares her story about how a small choice made years ago over pizza, transformed her way of thinking. This first step helped her to leave her comfort zone and taught her how to overcome obstacles.  Donate Now | Contact Us

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