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When the “Autism Community” advocates … Autistics suffer for it. Every. Time. | Eve Reiland

When the “Autism Community” advocates … Autistics suffer for it. Every. Time.

So Kate Swenson is making the rounds for fighting the bullying on TIk TOk? This woman has exploited her child for $$$, ‘fans’ and fame since I’ve heard of her.

Her form of activism creates hate waves against Autistic people. She’s aware of this and doesn’t care. We’ve been fighting this type of autistic child exploitation for years … and these parents don’t care. They justify every one of their actions, regardless They banter about bad parenting as an Autistic sideshow and then blame the Autism for their woes — especially if there’s a camera catching the whole thing to ‘share’ with the world later, or have aired on major media networks. Tragedy sells.

(And yes, dragging your Autistic kid to see Elmo without regards to sensory overload, without ear protectors, without an exit plan, without any damn parenting an Autistic 101 sense, counts as bad parenting. This bad parenting leads to public meltdowns and media stories … and you know talk shows and free stuff … ).

The culture these types of parents have created, along with the anointing of Autism Speaks to martyr themselves, has only damaged, harmed and created stigma towards Autistics today.

This culture Kate Swenson is ‘fighting’ is the very one she participates in, contributes to and is responsible for contributing to with her work. She, and others like her, are the source of this problem, not the solution.

How many times and ways and Autistics need to tell her she is bad for our community? She’s hurting Autistics every day with her privilege and bs.

But their going to go around and sing about themselves being ‘autism advocates’ now and never once give a rat’s ass how their work rolls out for those of us who have to SUFFER IT WORLDWIDE.

Seriously? This is the culture your kind created for Autistic people. This is our fight against your kind. WTF are you doing going around acting an advocate for the Autistic community?

BTW, while Kate Swenson was sharing about ‘autism yogurt’ and avoiding the vaccination questions … real activists have been out here fighting the bleachcult, fighting for human and civil rights. We don’t get paid a dime for it. We don’t exploit our children for it. We get very real death threats and hate for it.

But here you are, Kate Swenson, bopping around and getting your moment in the media spotlight, AGAIN.

Kudos to Kate for her self-promotion and amplifying her voice over the Autistic community so she and Autism Speaks can have a ‘win’ at our expense.




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