Autism Speaks Is A Source of Ugly, Not The Solution for Autistics Being Bullied On Tik Tok. A$: Focus On Your Own Bullies & Mess. | Eve Reiland

Autism Speaks has no business getting into an online protest about Autistics being mocked, stigmatized and bullied. All they’re going to do is make it worse and then claim some ‘advocacy’ victory to try and look like the ‘good guy’.

This horrible, brutal mockery of Autistics online and in person … this is the culture A$ created, nurtured and promoted for the past 15 years. This is the ugly we Autistics fight and fight and fight. …And now they’re ‘shocked’ by how Autistics are mocked on TIK TOk?

… Well I know some Autistics who were literally shocked by A$ ideas of ‘help’ … Where was Autism Speaks in real activism when Autistics were being shocked at Judge Rotenberg Center? What A$? I can’t hear you.

Autism Speaks, welcome to the culture you created.

Let’s talk about Autistic activism, Autism Speaks…

Autism Speaks: Where are you in the fight against the antivaxxer bleachcult quackcult? (oh wait, you were apart of that too.)

Autism Speaks: Where are you when our children are being arrested in elementary school? ( Too busy telling parents of newly diagnosed Autistics that ABA will fix ’em eh?)

Autism Speaks: Where are you for the Autistic Community’s real needs? Where? Yup. There you are as usual pushing a campaign to get the spotlight off your bullying and ugly towards Autistics, and pretend you’re here for us. Stop the bullshit. I see right through you.

Autism Speaks has chosen to protest the horrible on Tik Tok and in doing so, get the spotlight off their abuses to Autistic activists and the Autistic community.

Autism Speaks timing is impeccable … no don’t look at us calling self-advocates c!nts for protesting us just this last April … no no, look over here. Look over here!

What better way to get the spotlight off of their bullying tactics to Autistic self-advocates and shine a light on something else? … and get self-kudos for the win while never acknowledging their own massive contribution to this mess all these years. And, per usual, nothing of good substance will come from it for Autistic people. We’ll be ignored by A$ even as they claim victory over TIK TOK bullies while drowning out Autistic voices and silencing us at the same time. Again.

Recently, A$ has blocked many Autistics from their platforms. They’ve deleted many of our comments, and then buried all of April’s posts on their Facebook page. My guess is they were overwhelmed with the Autistic Community backlash on co-opting our movement, and other transgressions.

It’s also a guess that they buried the post it to keep the activism against them separated from their new promo of the Gillette partnership.

As always, absolutely nothing stops the A$ blue-light request for donations. Not even Autistic people protesting them. It’s a real piece of work, and utter bullshit, that Autism Speaks is jumping in on the ‘fight stigma’ bandwagon as if their not the biggest bully of Autistic people today.

A$ is ‘shocked’ by the ugly antics on Tik Tok and yet, not even for a moment, do they accept responsibility for the culture they created and continue to cultivate towards Autistics today. And really, how can they be this shocked? Autistics have been telling them for YEARS their work contributes to stigma, otherness and hate against Autistic people.

What they’re protesting now? This is the culture they created with martyr parents (warrior parents, super hero parents) bemoaning their fates in online groups and dog piling the horrors of raising an Autistic child.

This bullying and stigma on TIK TOK is just one example of what Autistics suffer for their blue-light advocacy work. This is the ugly that’s on school yard playgrounds, on social media platforms, raging through online communities and more. And A$ has been told. told. and told again how harmful their tragedy portrayal of autism is to Autistic people.

Autism Speaks has been told repeatedly how much their work negatively affects Autistic people’s lives. We’ve been ignored, erased and silenced for it. Now A$ wants to act like they care? Now A$ is donning their logo-embossed blue cape to battle the horrific culture they created for us?

And they’re  doing it without ever once showing any transparency about their own activities in silencing and bullying Autistic people all these years.  Nope, nothing has changed. Just a new tune and new marketing as as a ‘show’ to the parents and professionals now questioning their activities too.

When it comes to activism … Does Autism Speaks even know the Autistic Community has a yearly vigil for Autistics who’ve been murdered and killed by caregivers, loved ones and others? Do they ever mention Aktion T4 or any Autistic history at all?

Bet they never mention the tragedy of two Autistic children being murdered by loved ones after seeing  Autism Speaks’ film  “Autism Everyday.” This film was created to drive the tragedy narrative and generate massive amount of donations so Autism Speaks could find a cure.

Bet Autism Speaks  also doesn’t mention that their film included Alison Singer, A$ executive at the time, where she speaks about murder-suicide ideation to drive off a bridge with her Autistic daughter … but didn’t because she had a typical child to be raised at home still. Singer said this this while her Autistic daughter was in the room.

(Alison Singer left A$ in 2009 and started her own organization. You can find her work with Jill Escher now at NCSA … their self-named organization for National Council for Severe Autism. Singer battles Autistic activists using the ‘not like her child’ argument still and is incredibly ugly, hateful to Autistics who dare speak up.)

Well, Autism Speaks, seems the timing is great for your attempt to shine a light on something terrible, and what’s happening on Tik Tok is very terrible, to get the focus off of your organization’s horrible tactics. Yet, even with this, nothing has changed.  Autism Speaks continues to ignore and pretend that this culture of stigma, ugly and bullying Autistics suffer today is the one they created.  This is the culture they cultivated. This is the culture they fanned and flamed all these years. 

Autism Speaks isn’t the solution. They’re the problem.

And now, AS is going to take a ‘win’ in battling bullying and stigma …  and pretend they’re somehow doing something good for Autistic human and civil rights, while at the same time pushing abuse on Autistics in the form of Applied Behavioral Anaylsis (ABA). They also avoid the fact they’re guilty of helping launch the antivaxxer/bleachcult/quackcult mess Autistics and our Real Allies are battling today. I’ve yet to see them take any real action to stop the harm of these ‘heal, recover, cure’ treatments.

With all this ‘inclusion’ talk by A$,  I’ve yet to see them address any questions presented by Autsitic Activists or the Autistic community directly. I just see them changing their patterns to combat Autistic activists on the sly. The only reason they are preaching self-advocacy now is because the Autistic Civil Rights Movement forced them to start changing … but so far, it’s a grand show. Nothing of substance. Just something they can ‘show’ parents, politicians and donors who now question them. Something they A$ can point to and say, look what we’re doing over here? See we’re inclusive … but it’s just a show to mollify and keep those donations flowing in. 

Have you ever heard Autism Speaks inform folks that Autistics are the largest minority population on the planet? No?

What else haven’t they shared? Well, has A$ educated parents of the Autistic population that 70% of us don’t identify as heterosexual? In the neurotypical population only 10% don’t identify as heterosexual.

Has A$ ever addressed that many Autistics, more so than our neurotypical peers, are non-binary or transgender?  Do families of Autistics that affiliate with A$ even know this?

Has Autism Speaks educated parents on how to support their Autistic child throughout their lifespan and how to support their possibly vast differences from their neurotypical peers beyond stims and stigma?

When it comes to Autistic inclusion, has Autism Speaks ever breathed a word about Jim Sinclair or other Autistic activists known for their incredible work worldwide? Do they even recognize that Autistics were fighting for their rights in Washington DC years before they arrived? Do they admit the harm they caused by promoting Autism as a white middle-upper class boy problem, and erasing every Autistic that didn’t fit their narrative?

Autism Speaks is also guilty of creating a non-Autistic “autism community.” They often refer to their “Autism Community,” but leave out that the Autistic Community is a vastly different population. One that’s not associated with them, and actually comprised of Autistic people and our real allies.

Hello Autism Speaks. Listen up! You can’t actually be inclusive without including Autistic people, Autistic history, Autistic culture and more.

The fact is Autistics are fighting A$ for our civil and human rights.

So A$ created a non-Autistic ‘Autism Community’ and acted as if they were the voice of Autistic people — while silencing Autistic people, creating legislation about us without us, and promoting a cure or abusive therapies as our ‘only hope.’

Now they are pushing out their “Autism Community” self-advocates, hand-picked to make sure that Autistic is parroting their message and never share how they’ve tried to sue Autistic self-advocates in the past for protesting them. 

Oopsie, did they forget to mention that?

When it comes to fighting stigma, bullying, horrible things about Autistic people – well the Autistic community and our REAL allies are fighting this. Just as we have been for decades.

And yet, I know this TIK TOK advocacy by A$ is going to stink to high heaven soon. Why? Because they’re going to claim a win if TIK TOK takes action. They’re going to claim all the credit and use their success to silence the Autistic community, or show us as bad Autistics, yet again.

Autism Speaks is still pushing their agenda and attempting to protect their reputation at the expense of Autistic people. They’re going to fight stigma while at the same time deny Autistic people their voice and and act like this civil rights movement fight isn’t against them.

They’re going to wear sheep’s clothing and tell folks their really on our side, and we Autistics are the ones being mean to them. Goodness, I’ve seen the cries on social media already that the Autistic community excludes the Autism Community. Utter hogwash.

Autism Speaks acts an advocate and yet fails to be transparent in their work that created this culture Autistics suffer today.

Autism Speaks go home and deal with your own mess. Deal with the bullies in your organization. Deal with your board members who bully Autistics. Deal with your celebrity influencers who bully Autistics every day for wanting civil and human rights.

Autism Speaks go look at the culture you created with your non-Autistic “autism community” … go look in the FUCKING MIRROR before you come out here clapping at people for being mean, cruel and bullying Autistics. Clean up your own damn mess before pointing fingers and acting like your going to be the Autistic savior.

For parents and family members who are A$ supporters in recovery, please deposit your capes in the dumpters on the left. Later we’re going to have a huge bonfire to commemorate the evolution of breaking out of the NT “autism community” and finding the “Autistic Community” … and becoming real allies..

Autistics and real allies, stay strong, stay proud and if you’re able to (and are safe to) stay loud. A$ is feeling the burn of real activism. Keep it up. And hey, how about we do what board member, and a creator of “I Am Autism” video, Billy Mann suggested? How about now, we Autistics and our REAL Allies show them what it means to DOUBLE DOWN.

Don’t let this hate organization get by with putting on sheep’s clothing and pretend they’re a part of the civil rights movement we have against them.

Autism Speaks you’re not the solution, you’re the problem. And it’s Autistic activists and our real allies out here cleaning up your mess.


#LightItUpGold for #AllAutistics


Eve Reiland



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