“The Burden Generation” | Autistics According to @AutismSpeaks | Video By Eve Reiland


“The Burden Generation” | Autistics According to @AutismSpeaks

Autism Speaks told the World they couldn’t afford the burden of Autistic boys. A$ set a tragedy narrative that created fear and a hate wave against Autistics living today.

Autistics suffer horrible stigma, bullying, and otherness due to the ‘advocacy’ of this organization. They’ve compared us to hurricanes, tornadoes, cancer and worse.

Now this organization after 15 years claims to support self-advocates and the Autistic human and civil rights movement … and act as if they aren’t the center of this ugly we see spread out here today, including the ugly on tik tolk. Their act of ‘shock’ is just wow. Really?

Unfortunately, A$ has unleashed their Autism Karens on tiktok to ‘show’ they are fighting for Autistic people … and yet it’s THEIR culture, THEIR narrative and the HATE they created towards Autistics all these years. (many of these are popular Autism Karens/Martyrs that scream ADA protections to media while pushing their Autistic children into situations of sensory overload and meltdown … and parenting an Autistic ignorance too … and make it that much worse for Autistics with their privileged and entitled antics never once thinking about how their harming they cause us, or caring about it either when brought to their attention.)

All these years we’ve been telling them about their narrative and how utterly harmful it is. How horrible it is and how it affects every aspect of our Autistic lives.

And here A$ is yelling bad tiktok bad, when their own team just last month sent a horrible message to an Autistic self-advocate who is the age of my children. The reason my children are self-advocates? I taught them under the shadow of doom and gloom cast by Autism Speaks.

I taught my children to have pride in themselves and their heritage. Autism Speaks sent their goons to battle and battle and battle the message that Autistics are worthy of life, love, civil and human rights. Their martyr parents have been horrific to autistic people all these years.

And lets’ not forget that A$ erased so many people, cultures, ignores our population being 70% non-heterosexual, and never recognize our population of non-binary and transgender Autistics.

They continually push their version of Autism, and ignore the realities of Autistic population. Right now Autism Speaks is playing a game pretending their part of the Autistic Civil Rights Movement after co-opting The Autistic People’s movement …. a movement against them.

A$ is playing hard and fast, but their history stands strong. Their ugly stands the test of time. This video is a bit of that.

A$ warned of an Autistic pandemic, Autistic epidemic … well guess what …

Autistics: We’ve arrived.

And guess what Autism Speaks, there’s no cure for me yet.


Eve Reiland


PS enjoy the video for as long as it stays available on Facebook. These videos tend to get reported off the platform fairly quick.

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