Prominent Massachusetts anti-vaxxer sues prominent New York anti-vaxxer; only one can lose | With Note From Eve Reiland

Note: Quack Cult factions are going after each other in court.

Check it out: RFK Jr vs Shiva Ayyadurai.

“At issue is who is the biggest, most libeling liar.”

Each Quack King is calling the other a liar in papers filed with US District Court..

Yup. They really are.

“Ayyadurai’s suit, filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, focuses on a blog post Kennedy wrote last month on his anti-vaxxer group’s Web site, in which Kennedy called out Ayyadurai as a lying liar who lies about everything from his involvement with Big Pharma to his claims that he invented e-mail as a 14 year old.”

Netflix, where’s the cameras for this documentary? This is the next Tiger King: Watching the quacks attack each other.

“All lies, Ayyadurai counters …”

“He has nothing to do with Big Pharma, he did so invent e-mail, he did not run Hillary and Bill Clinton’s e-mail system and he knows more about “natural medicine” than Robert Kennedy ever could.”

Unfortunately it seems only one Quack Leader can be ruled the biggest liar in this particular case … BUT, there is good news! Autistics and our Real Allies do you know what this signals?

Well,. if the quacks are at each other, that means something huge … it means their feeling the money squeeze. It means we’ve de-platformed their revenue streams severely and now they have to fight each other over the all mighty dollar with in their shrinking pool of true believers.

Yup. They’re going to fight each other over the biggest ka-ching, and in the process expose each other’s woo and bullshittery..

Activists keep up the amazing work!

And grab some popcorn to watch this play out.bwahahaha.

If I could invent a new cannabis strain in honor of the event… I’d call it #quackhack. Definitely smoke a bowl of that watching this play out… .a lot of bowls.


Eve Reiland

PS. Want to know how much money these folks are raking in …? Look at what their suing for …

“Because of Mr. Kennedy’s defamatory statements, Dr. Ayyadurai estimates that the damages exceed $95 million, which he seeks to recoup through this action. “

Yes, 95 MILLION in damages and what not?

Tell me now, where are they getting all those funds? And who’s making the big money here?

The time is now to STOP commodifying Autistic people for your bank account. Autistics, we are a people, not your conspiracy theory to generate millions and peddle more of your toxic woo to vulnerable people and Autistic children.

Shiva Ayyadurai, who is making yet another bid for a Senate seat this year, is suing Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose nephew is running for that same Senate seat. At issue is who is the biggest, most libeling liar. Read more.

Source: Prominent Massachusetts anti-vaxxer sues prominent New York anti-vaxxer; only one can lose | Universal Hub

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