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Autism One: As quacky as it ever was | ScienceBlogs | Circa May 2015

Once again, the yearly autism quackfest known as Autism One is fast approaching. In fact, it will begin in Chicago tomorrow: five days of “autism biomed” quackery and antivaccine pseudoscience. Ever since the Great Schism in the autism antivaccine quackery community, which severed Generation Rescue from Autism One and ended Jenny McCarthy’s run of being the keynote speaker every year, it just hasn’t been the same. Well, not quite. It turns out that a lot of the speakers are still the same, Generation Rescue or not, Jenny McCarthy or not. Just take a look at the speaker list, and you’ll see a lot of familiar names.

Heck, there are some real blasts from the past this year. Believe it or not, those hoary old mercury militia warriors, the father-son team of quacks who treat autism by chemically castrating children and then subjecting them to chelation therapyMark and David Geier, are there. It looks as though they’ll be talking about Latest Evidence Associating Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines with Autism Spectrum & Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders, which will probably just be a rehash of the same pseudoscience that they’ve been peddling since before I ever started blogging mixed together with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s latest “findings.” I guess the Geier’s quackery will always have an appeal in the deeper, darker parts of the autism biomed movement. …

Source: Autism One: As quacky as it ever was | ScienceBlogs

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