Coronavirus updates: Latest news from Manatee County Florida | Bradenton Herald



A Bradenton organization that peddles drinking industrial-grade bleach as a cure for 95 percent of the world’s known illnesses, including HIV/AIDS, autism, Alzheimer’s, leukemia, and most recently, COVID-19, was openly defiant after a federal court issued a temporary restraining order on the sale of its products.

“We are doing good, so we have no fear of you AND you still have NO authority in our Church or its practices,” wrote Mark Grenon, leader of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing in an email addressed to U.S. District Judge Kathleen M. Williams on April 24.

Grenon, who said he has written President Donald Trump about his product, also told the judge to cancel all orders against the organization.

The judge has issued a preliminary injunction that extends a ban on the organization from distributing its MMS product, also known as “Master” or “Miracle Mineral Solution.”

“The Court finds that the United States has shown a cognizable danger that Defendants will continue to violate the FDCA in the future unless a preliminary injunction is issued,” Judge Williams stated her in May 1 order.

Source: Coronavirus updates: Latest news from Manatee County Florida | Bradenton Herald

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